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  • Tin Whistle

    So my hubby bought a tin whistle for himself and I'm sitting here rocking out on it, lol... anyone else mess around with one?

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    Yeah I picked one up in Ireland a couple years ago. It's in D and it's fun to mess around with sometimes. There's an Irish band who's lead singer plays the tin whistle I think the Coors? I could be wrong.


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      I've got a D and a C whistle--I love 'em!
      "If you can't play the blues...you might as well hang it up." - Dexter Gordon


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        I play one once in a while.

        If you're just starting out try this exercise.

        close all holes 6 note d

        lift two fingers 4 note f#

        close five holes 5 note e

        lift three fingers 3 note g

        close four holes 4 note f#

        lift two fingers 2 note a

        close three holes 3 note g

        lift one finger 1 note b

        then play the same thing going down the whistle, its good for learning finger independence.


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          I learned the FED BAG fingering, lol.


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            I'm curious ... are they chromatic?
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              no, each whistle is in a separate key and only has 6 holes; you need to do half-hole fingerings if you want to do something between 2 notes, and that is tricky. The standard key is D (which also does G because it has fingerings for C sharp and C natural).
              The nice thing is that the fingering is the same for tones in the scale (do, re, mi, etc.) for each whistle. For instance, all holes covered is "do" no matter which whistle you're on--it is D on a D whistle, C on a C whistle, etc.
              "If you can't play the blues...you might as well hang it up." - Dexter Gordon


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                I got on a celtic kick sometime in the mid nineties and bought a half dozen cheap Clarke C whistles. The pretty painted ones with the black plastic mouthpiece. Ever since, I keep them around the house and pick one up whenever I get bored. I also keep one in the visor of my car for traffic jams and long lights. It really goes a long way towards reducing the chance of a road rage incident.

                I also have a Chieftain low D that I have never managed to gain any proficiency with. Even with large hands (XL glove sized), I just can't make the stretch and cover the holes effectively with any speed.