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    I'm planning to purchase my first Ukulele. This is pretty much going to be blind purchase as my store doesn't stock the model I am currently looking at in house nor do any other stores in my area that I know of so 'm looking for an feedback I can get on the Lanikai Curly Koa CK-TEK Tenor Ukulele w/ Fishman Kula electronics. I'm primarily a guitarist so the Uke world is fairly new to me but if anyone has any feedback on this Uke or would like to recommend something better at this price range I'd appreciate it. I'm currently looking for a Tenor size and Koa body. Electronics are a plus but not necessary.


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    HI Denny, have you checked out Kanilea or Leho? We carry both lines at Dream Guitars and both are great value for the dollar - Give us a shout in the shop and we can give you some additional thoughts on each - thanks!


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      Sorry I didn't see this until now. I publish Ukulele Player Magazine. The Lanikai you mention is well-built, but, it is not a good acoustic performer. I'd compare it to solid wood instruments from Ohana and check out some of the Kala uke line before making a buying decision. If you already bought a uke, consider talking with Mike at UkeRepublic or Noel Tardy at UkeLady Music before making your next purchase. Most people own more than one uke.

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        I think this is good one..


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          Check out Kamaka ukes from Hawaii. They're the ones who make the pineapple-shaped uke. I think they're made by deaf workers of tap-tune the ukes by touch--no joke! They're great ukes