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Accordion ever gonna make a comeback?


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  • Accordion ever gonna make a comeback?

    I am an accordion player, and it is a beautiful instrument.  It really carries the stigma of being a "polka" instrument even though there are a lot of other styles of music that can be played.  I personally hate polka, so this is a bit discouraging.  Anybody else noticed this?

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    You hate polka? Inconceivable! I perform regularly in a local polka band during OktoberFest season, make a ton of money and have a great time. I'm not the accordion player (I sing in German and play tenor banjo)' but our accordion player can tear tha thing up. We not only do traditional polka music, but polka versions of "Sweet Home Alabama" (Sweet Home Bavaria), "Play that Funky Music, White Boy" (Play that Polka Music, Weiss Junge), and bunches more.

    I have heard accordion played in many other styles, but, to me anyway, it just seems to sound best when backed by an oompah beat.
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      wesg wrote:


      Thought you might like this. BTW the guy in the yellow shirt is Jimmy Smith Jr.



      That guy has THE swingingest left hand of any squeezeboxer I've ever heard!

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      This is not Polka. I'm no great accordionist. I play too many instruments really. But I love it. 


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      Now THAT'S good accordion type music. Accordion and uke, both misunderstood and under-used instruments.

      Really, great tune.

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    I think we are seeing a growing resurgence of any small self contained instrument that can be easily transported. Back-packer style guitars, Cajons, harmonicas, and yes, accordions.

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      I know this thread is old as dirt, but it all depends who ya ask. Is the accordion dead, nope.

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