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Lest talk sliding on your lap

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  • Lest talk sliding on your lap

    I tend to prefer playing slide lap style. I play a Regal square neck in traditional bluegrass "high G" tuning. Got it from Elderly 10-12 yrs ago. I upgraded it with a spun cone, aluminum spider, and a better bridge insert. Its no Sheerhorn, but it sounds pretty good. I also have a Chandler 6 str lap steel. I started out on C6 tuning with it, but kinda gave up on that, its an unusual tuning and I never really got comfortable with it. So I strung it the same as my Regal, GBDGBD.bluegrass style.

    dobro  & lap


    One of these days Id like to get a round neck metal body of some kind.

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    I've made one of my own lap steels, and modified one for someone here (Travvybear) out of an old SX, and have a couple more in progress.

    My first one, made almost 10 years ago is on the left:

    handmade lappy on the left, Mel-o-Bar on the right



    Below is the mod'd SX:

    Modified SX


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    • Graeca
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      I have several electric lap steels, but this old squarenecked Oahu acoustic Hawaiian guitar is my favorite...the previous owner installed the magnetic p/u and, fortunately, didn't hurt the tone. Sounds a lot like a Dobro plugged in.

      Tuned to Open E, and most likely made by Kay, it dates to the 30s.


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    • loveofjazz
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      I have a couple of square neck resonators at home. One has the name "Tut" on the headstock, but I do not believe it has anything to do with Tut Taylor. I keep it tuned to bluegrass G (GBDGBD). I have added a Lace Sensor Resophonic pickup as well as a Fishman Classic Series Resophonic pickup, each having a separate output. This guitar is super fun to perform live with.

      The other has no name on the headstock. I keep it tuned to open D (DADF#AD). I don't play it as often as I would like, and I think some thicker strings would benefit the lower tuning more. 

      I love playing dobro. I have neck problems, so I prefer to use it live on a keyboard stand I have instead of trying to wear it on a strap around my neck. It adds a lot to a live performance.

      I also have a lap steel made by a friend of mine. While it seems somewhat crude by design, it functions well and sounds good. 

    • Voltan
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      the first guitar i ever hand my hands on was a gibson skylark "flying V" lap steel...  my maternal grandfather played lap steel in a "party band" during the prohibition and he passed the love of these infernal mistresses of torture along to me...   i am much more comfortable with the instrument when i play lap style so if i have to stand up i'd just as leave play something else...