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    I always liked the album 'Centrifugal Funk' with Garsed and Gambale.

    It's ridiculous but great at the same time.


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      Originally posted by Ultrahighgain

      I've been looking for that album for years.

      I found it in a dingy used record store in the south hills of Pittsburgh about 7 or 8 years ago. It's the ONLY place I'd ever seen it, and grabbed it right up. It cost me a whole $3 or so.

      Surely there are some copies floating around somewhere...I just don't know where.
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        They sell it on Ebay all the time at a reasonable price.

        I personally like the Tritone Facination more for guitar. Powers of Ten is half classical piano. He has a CD Powers of Ten Live which is very easy to find. It's sold on

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          Wonderful player, one of the best ever.


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            The sneaky pete vid is one of my all time fave videos that I've got off the net. It's far beyond awesome.
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              Thanks for starting this Yngtchie. You'd think with a name like mine I would have showed up much earlier. Oh well, better late than never.

              I remember sometime during Shawn's final days, I read a post about how it wasn't important that he be able to continue making music, so long as his health could be maintained and that he had given us "enough music to last a lifetime". When I reflect on this, I realize that Shawn didn't just give "enough" quantity-wise, but used his immense talents to cover so much musical ground in his works.

              With that in mind, I think most people on this thread treasure his Powers of Ten album and I only hope that its detractors realize that he has plenty more to offer in other musical styles.

              A true genius who I wish I'd met.


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                Originally posted by listen2Lane
                Thanks for starting this Yngtchie. You'd think with a name like mine I would have showed up much earlier. Oh well, better late than never.
                Indeed. Really glad you're here, helping us keeping Shawn's music alive.


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                  I don't remember who said this but "Thankyou for your contributions to Western Music, Shawn Lane".

                  Indeed, thankyou for being true to your music and blowing my mind with your unlimited musical capiblities
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                    I picked up Powers of Ten at Video Game Exchange for a lil over $3. Top notch stuff. How'd he die, anyways?



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                      Shawn was quite the amazing musician.
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                      Actually they're more a mauve.

                      And they're vertical blinds.


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                      Originally posted by Maxguitarhero

                      ehh, looks like an asian chick.

                      i say nay.

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                        Hmmm, so now Lion Music has released two albums in tribute to Shawn. The big question for me is whether Shawn's family will get any of the proceedings from the sales, which it doesn't look like they do.

                        Also, who the hell are all these guitarists???

                        01. ALEX MASI - ...AND THE WIND CRIES SHAWN
                        02. PATRIK CARLSSON - T-ZONE RHYTM
                        03. STEPHAN FORTE


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                          I've looked for his stuff the last few trips to the local Best Buy store or other CD stores here and no one seems to carry his stuff...What genre should I be looking in? Rock? Blues? Jazz??

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                            Originally posted by hbk 4ever DX
                            I picked up Powers of Ten at Video Game Exchange for a lil over $3. Top notch stuff. How'd he die, anyways?




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                              I've not heard or seen the Lane tribute on
                              Lion Music but the one I'm involved in will be on
                              Reward Records with all of the proceeds going to
                              Lane's family.

                              My understanding is that there will be some
                              name players, one to look for is John Erickson of
                              the Minneapolis fusion band, Whoopgnash.

                              My own contribution was written much like
                              Shawn did his writing and I wrote it right after
                              I heard he passed so he was very much on my
                              music projects are now available online at