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    Well, he's certainly not "funky," but John Pizzarelli owns your face.
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      Goerge Benson
      Wes Montgomery
      Tom Waits
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        Uri Caine!!!


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          Originally posted by Modal Auxiliary
          Well, he's certainly not "funky," but John Pizzarelli owns your face.

          When has swing been considered modern jazz?
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          Originally Posted by Dew Knot Hump

          I pretty much have the best ears in the business so if I say you sound like Animal Collective Jr then you do.

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            How about Allan Holdsworth's more recent stuff? Try None Too Soon for some standards, and his newest one All Night Wrong for some good trio stuff. Wardenclyffe Tower and Sixteen Men of Tain are a bit more out there, but are good too.
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              Originally posted by Pascal

              - some Steve Coleman and 5 elements stuff with Dave Gilmore on guitar (albums "Black Science", "Drop Kick", "the Tao of mad phat"...

              Wow... I've been to the MBase site before, but I hadn't checked out the Tao album. Incredible! I love the at about 11:40 on the first track when the drummer does the 3:4 stuff.


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                Originally posted by The Master

                When has swing been considered modern jazz?

                Well, he's "current." Current is kind of like "modern."


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                  Russ Freedman and the Rippingtons


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                    New to newish jazz I like wish isn't necessarily funky...

                    Dave Douglas
                    John Zorn
                    Bill Frisell
                    John Scofield
                    Pat Metheny
                    Brad Mehldau
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                      I got no kick against modern jazz, unless they try to play it to darn fast...
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                          Originally posted by Pascal
                          About Aka Moon:

                          All about jazz review

                          This review is absolutely enthusiastic... Jaco is mentioned, as well as Dennis Chambers, Steve Coleman, Aka pygmies, Terry Bozzio, Gene Lake.
                          You probably should also check them out ...

                          aka moon is imho one of the very best modern jazz bands of the moment, and barely not known too...
                          read the review, buy all their cds and ask your local jazz club to invite thm to play live.. the only thing i cant hink of when i se those guys paying is "a human being juste can't play like that.."

                          if you like that, try to find the cds from the band octurn, Tribu, and Vivaces, a cd fwritten by Pierre Van dormael, the guy who teached the cell writing to Steve coleman (he also invented it..).


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                            Originally posted by CustomGR
                            Goerge Benson
                            Wes Montgomery
                            Tom Waits

                            Tom Waits?
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                              Jazz funk? Lonnie Liston Smitih, yo. He's the guy you want to listen to. Check the "Cosmic Funk" and "Astral Travelling" albums.

                              If you're digging the roots of Acid Jazz thang you should also listen to Roy Ayers' Ubiquity.
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