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80's music test...kinda hard


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    EDIT: I went back and corrected songs I knew but spelled wrong/used wrong tenses/etc, and got a 107.5. Doesn't count, I know.


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      it's very picky about spelling and puncuation,etc.


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        Final Score: 73.75

        This is really weird, and way higher than I thought I would get, since:
        - I was born in 1984
        - I didn't start even really listening to music till about 1998.
        - The only band I really took home from the 80's was Dire Straits. It's a decade I tend to skip.
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          I got a 78. You know, they could have thrown in some Joy Division or New Order...

          The damn thing said that case doesn't matter, but it didn't give me a point for "Jessie's Girl" because I used all lower case.

          Dammit. I was robbed.


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            Thankfully none of Monaco's releases were as far back as the 80s.
            Originally posted by tamoore
            I was a Satanist for 10 years. Not this pussy "We don't believe in Satan" Satanist **************** either......
            Real, hard core, hanging out in cemeteries, digging up bodies, killing prostitutes and eating their livers type Satanism.
            All for the glory of lord Satan, baby.
            You ever see the movie 'Lost Boys'? It was a lot like that.....

            One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.


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              I can belive I missed the second word in #41 and I couldn't get the Metallica lyric because they took out one word too many.

              ....that and I was looking for Priest/Maiden lyrics and didn't bother reading half of the lyrics posted.

              (Born in '82)


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                79.55% I guess I'm living in the past
                Everyone was bored to tears. They wanted to hear something they knew, like "Whole Lotta Love". - John Paul Jones, when asked about Led Zeppelin's first public performance of "Stairway to Heaven".


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                  Originally Posted by BarneyGumbel

                  There is a guy at our office who's colon must take a sharp turn towards his back at the exit point. Every time he has used the bathroom, whatever toilet he used is unusable for the rest of the day. It looks like someone filled a 10-gallon bucket with sloppy mud, took 8 steps back, and threw the contents of the bucket in the direction of the toilet. To cap things off, he ALWAYS leaves the lid up, maybe to showcase the damage. Unbelievable.

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                    Final Score: 113.35

                    Me = from '84.
                    Reality is the original Rorschach.


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                      I scored 79, born in '68. I can't believe they didn't use a song by The Hooters in that quiz.


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                        "You were probably working in a bank in the 80's.
                        15% handicap on the Gen Xers.
                        5 point bonus for telling me where you saw this. Thanks! "

                        Crap, that was my first job out of college. Naturally. I majored in film.
                        What I lack in quality I make up for in volume...

                        ...When I became bankrupt, a guitar was something that you patched into an Evolver so it would go mmmrrreeeeeeploploplop....


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                          heh you bastards did frighteningly well


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                            28.5 born in '78.
                            Originally Posted by Crab_Cake

                            That said I cannot stand animal cruelty, especially against friends of humanity. These include horses, dogs, chimps, and to a lesser extent dolphins.

                            Great band.

                            Originally Posted by sonik

                            little african girl machete gang victims

                            Everybody Hates Miserycast


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                              Final Score: 87 w/o cheating!
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                                Originally posted by zachoff
                                Final Score: 87 w/o cheating!

                                The 80's were cynical years. Deduct a point for NOT cheating.
                                What I lack in quality I make up for in volume...

                                ...When I became bankrupt, a guitar was something that you patched into an Evolver so it would go mmmrrreeeeeeploploplop....