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      Any problem can be solved by the suitable application of nuclear weapons.

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        Originally posted by Jossy

        Nice gear, im not sure about the posters on the wall, tho'...


        haha, i kno, they were either free or grabbed, dun wry i didnt buy em
        FS: Jackson DK2 in blk, mint


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          Originally posted by Lava


          What kind of guitar is that? I love it!

          Heartfield EX-2 flametop from 1989.
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              Originally posted by Crappymonkey

              You gotta be kidding me??!!

              (I only mock because I'm jelous)
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                  i need to get rid of my carvin 7-string


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                    Originally posted by Lava

                    Man, I just love that Zion. You scored with that one.

                    thanx rules could use a fret job, but it still plays and sounds awesome, i love the neck shape on it.

                    picked it up over the summer for $700 used, and the guy at Guitar Center (the general manager) threw in a set of Schaller straplocks, since it already had the pins, but not the part that goes on the actual strap.
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                      Originally posted by Crappymonkey

                      kind of looks like evh dropped his guitar in a woo chipper.
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                        Originally posted by yabba

                        You got some badass ****************.
                        Originally posted by Brian Krashpad

                        Actually they're more a mauve.

                        And they're vertical blinds.


                        If you are reading this, you are the chosen one. Paypal me 20 dollars for more information.

                        Originally posted by Maxguitarhero

                        ehh, looks like an asian chick.

                        i say nay.

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                          Originally posted by Crappymonkey




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                            i have come to the conclusion that he is some form of god. no mere mortal has that many guitars/pedals/amp/anything. "It boggles my mind. His collection is the most glorious and true expression of GAS.To each his own though. Amazing collection of beauties. It takes some seriously messed up OCD to compile a collection like that.I hate BBreaker. Damn, I hate him.Suck it.We learned that bbreaker is some sort of god. A god of this guy.


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                              Originally posted by Patrickjp
                              I'll bite

                              love that guitar!!! love it love it love it

                              damn, i love that guitar! would go so well with my amp
                              whats the price for one of those where you live?
                              FS: Jackson DK2 in blk, mint


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                                i was playing so fast that day...............
                                Ahhhh !!! B Flat !!!! You win you little ****************er !!!

                                Rock Warrior in the MAZI BEE KICK ASS MILITIA!!!!!!!!!