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    When I used to use mine I just put in on and adjusted it to a certain tone I liked, then plugged it through the effects loop of my amp. That way I can kinda 'set and forget' it and just go to the effects loop for a different mid heavey tone. It was a pretty cool effect, I don't use it much anymore though.
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    I may not know how to play it or program it, but it makes the "studio" look sufficiently enough like a spaceship that I feel my money was well spent.


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        For those that are asking, the GCB95 is not true bypass, but it has a buffered input, so basically when it's off the circuit part has a very very high impedance causing it to act like a true bypass. No, it's not true bypass, but it works effectively the same way.

        If you're handy with a soldering iron, The GEOFEX page has everything you could ever want to know about wah schematics and then some. Of particular interest is the section title "What Affects What?" It lists all the basic components and what they do and what individual components you can change to alter certain characteristics of the sound.
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          Hey people,

          I bought a Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby used from a guy for $10.00. I got it to function properly after fixing it's wiring harness. The sound of the stock setup was a muddy low end and a high shrill top end typical of a stock Crybaby. I decided to upgrade this wah pedal as a project.

          I contacted Area 51 Audio Designs and Fulltone, ordered the parts, installed a Fulltone ICAR tone pot, a Carling 316pp DPDT switch, an Area 51 wah circuit board and a stereo & mono Switchcraft audio jacks. Area 51 has a Vintage Italian wah kit that has all of the parts already. You can wire it up yourself or you can order it pre-wired for a little extra.


          Installing a new DPDT switch, Fulltone tone pot and the Area 51 circuit board made this cheap wah now a very useful, great sounding, vintage Vox wah clone. I'm happy with the cool sounds of the circuit board.

          The Area 51 circuit board has good carbon comp resistors, a custom inductor (the key to the sound of a good wah pedal) and other high quality components. The wah has a good vintage wah sound, is quiet and doesn't suck tone when it's bypassed.
          Here is a picture of my customized Crybaby wah with the Area 51 circuit board, Fulltone tone pot, Carling 316pp DPDT switch and Switchcraft jacks:

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          Very cool. You really over-hauled that pedal.

          I have owned a Crybaby for 10 years. Up to last year I rarely played it, largely for the reason you mentioned: Lots of mud in the low end, shrill high-end, and a "wah" effect that existed in only a small part of the pedal's travel.

          Aside from doing the true-bypass mod, I also got a Fulltone "semi-log" pot. This spread the wah effect over more of the pedal's travel, giving it a more vocal quality and making it much easier to control. Now I really enjoy playing with it.
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            Mine sounds like crap, too. I recommend the "unplug" mod, possibly followed by the "eBay" mod.


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