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  • Favourite Van Halen

    At the moment, my favourite Van Halen song is Ain't Talkin Bout Love. It's got the awesome riff, an emotional solo.... the works.

    Eddie is the man!

    Tell me what your favourite is and why (riff, singing whatever) and maybe I'll discover another gem.

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    Panama is my fav song, but aint talkin bout love is second.


    • #3
      Light up the sky off VH2,
      Girl gone bad off 1984
      or I'm the One of of VH1

      ...or actually Unchained off of Fair Warning


      • #4
        unchained always kicks ass

        but overall the one that starts off with the keyboards...

        its goes something like

        "i got you captured under my spell" something about magazine also
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          i really love Top of the World... just a great feel good song with awesome parts to it...

          balance is my fav VH album though
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            Ice Cream Man
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              VH I ......it just kicks your ass every way possible.
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                My favorite Van Halen is any new Van Halen. The song "Human's Being" from the Best Of Vol. 1 is totally the direction VH should be taking on their new stuff. That song kicks my ass hard!

                But as far as classics? -- "Hot for Teacher" or "I'm the One"

                Roth Album -- Fair Warning (Dark and mean, has "Mean Streets")

                Hagar Album -- F.U.C.K. (Some well structured songs and inspirational solos IMO)

                Cherone Album -- Well, c'mon


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                  Originally posted by Anjinsan
                  Ice Cream Man

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                  • #10
                    Runnin with the Devil
                    Little Dreamer
                    Spanish Fly
                    Somebody Get me a Doctor
                    Outta Love Again
                    Women In Love
                    Take Your Whisky Home
                    Mean Streets
                    Hear About it Later
                    Little Guitars
                    Top Jimmy
                    Hot For Teacher
                    Girl Gone Bad
                    House of Pain

                    Good luck to anyone who can come up with a better list than that


                    • #11
                      Little Guitars
                      <div class="signaturecontainer">Eh.....</div>


                      • #12
                        Light Up the Sky off VHII is awesome!!!....
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                          ERUPTION (I thought this was a guitar board )

                          Mean Streets probably has the coolest intro ever, and I agree Humans Being is the direction they should have headed in but my favorite is probably Amsterdam from Balance. One of Eddie's best tones, though a bit overprocessed at times


                          • #14
                            Hot for teacher
                            Ain't talkin bout love


                            • #15
                              Eddie's my favourite.

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