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Calling All Jazzers - What kind of guitar do you play?


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  • Calling All Jazzers - What kind of guitar do you play?

    To all of you guys who play mainly jazz, what kind of guitar(s) are you playing? Post some pics of your main axe? Maybe even some clips?

    I'm interested in buying a new guitar for jazz and need some ideas. Lay 'em on me.
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    My electric is a Godin LGXT...


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      Gibson explorer . . .

      But I play jazz saxophone, not guitar . . .


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        Whatever I can get my hands on...
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          To be honest, any guitar works for jazz. Mike Stern and Bill Frisell play Telecasters, strats and Les Pauls are popular with a lot of guys.

          However, I will admit that there's a certain charm to the tone you get from a hollowbody. I play a Gibson ES-135 LE, and I love the tone of it with flatwound strings and a heavy, dull pick.

          If you're not looking to spend a whole lot, I would recommend checking out the Ibanez line of Artcores. They're a lot of guitar for the buck, and if you are willing to spend some more, their top models are probably better than Gibsons (I happen to get mine at a steal of a price, so their's no price remorse on my part).

          The Pat Metheny model from Ibanez is particularly well recieved, and if you've got a lot of cash to burn, the George Benson model is top notch.

          Guild also makes a lot of nice jazz boxes, as well as some of the top of the line Epiphones.

          And, believe it or not, a lot of Sammicks are nice. Every Asian made guitar you've ever played (sans Japanese guitars) are Sammicks with a different name on the headstock. The Sammick jazz guitars are generally very low cost and are pretty well made. They're not the best guitar you'll ever play, but they're very cost effective.


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            I like both my ES-335 and my Charvel strat for jazz. Like Poparad said, you can use anything, and while not "correct" in jazz-police terms, a strat can sound pretty good for jazz.


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              My Takamine acoustic

              I really should record something else


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                I use a tele thinline. Single coils!!

                What I'd really like though, would be a nice archtop. If I could afford it. I know that it won't be as versatile as the tele, but it is still a dream of mine to have one guitar dedicated to jazz.


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                  I play a Cort Larry Coryell LCS 1 guitar !

                  Really a great guitar !!!

                  When I bought it I compared it to an Epiphone Broadway, but the Cort to me sounded and felt much better.

                  Just like the Broadway it is reminiscent of a Gibson L-5.
                  Of course, it won't sound as great as a Gibson L-5, but then there is also a big difference in the price tag !

                  So, if you wanna get a real big Jazz Box for a reasonable price, I'd strongly recommend the Cort LCS 1.

                  For more modern jazzsounds, maybe also with some distortion on it, you might have to look for a 335 guitar or suchlike. Ibanez makes some nice 335-like guitars (I think it's the Scofield model), and Epiphone also has some great thinlines.

                  I hope this helps a bit.

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                    I have been playing jazz on my strat for years (clean or slightly overdriven). But since I got my Heritage semi-hollow, I admit not playing it a lot anymore.
                    The Takamine nylon string is only used at home or for jams/practice without drummer. I never gigged with it.

                    See my www below for a clip (same old "Insensatez" clip, recorded live on a minidisc = dull tone). I think I played my Peavey Delta Blues that night.


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                      gibson es 150d

                      basically a fully hollow 335.


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                        I feel like I just answered this on FX and EG...

                        Ibanez Artcore AG75 ... one of the lower-end Artcores, but it plays quite nice, thanks

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                          I sure would like a Scheafer... and if I see him at this year's Dallas Guitar Show...
                          bye bye checking balance.

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                            I use these two:

                            But if I'm playing my strat or tele and start playing "Take Five" it still sounds good!


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                              oops, here's the other one. Sorry I had to use a stock photo, but you get the idea.