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What do you guys think of Madonna???


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    If manufactured pop is your thing, the Material Girl has a corner on the market but expect to loose precious brain cells if you listen to her music.
    The older you are...and if you're male...the loss will be exponentially greater.

    Oh...but you asked what I though of Madonna as opposed to her music...

    The answer: I don't.
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      Originally posted by Mazi Bee

      Damn Beemeister, you get around. Go boy!


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        not much
        Originally Posted by Motorik

        .... poster boy of coolness. He's all peak-human badass with no negative qualities. He's the likeable guy who kicks the **************** out of bad guys and all the girls love him.

        Originally Posted by StringJunky

        Gay lung is just one of those techniques that some guitarists use effectively, and some use waaaaay too much. Like sweep-picking or rasgueaos on a six-string bass. I think twenty years from now, we'll look back and say "Gay lung was over-rated."

        Originally Posted by Flamencology

        ...But PerfectTommy is RIGHT.


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            I've become pretty dissappointed in her over the past few years. I used to think she was one of those poptarts who was way smarter than her product would lead you to believe - that she was just a really canny individual who knew what people wanted and knew how to market herself but behind the marketing was a really good mind. I can respect that. However, her seeming inability to re-invent herself and step away from the whole "rave scene" and the blatant sexuality has made me re-think that view. Shes becoming quite pathetic and watching her writhing around and spreading her legs for the camera is getting pretty unsettling. She really needs to grow up...


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              not much

              enough to dig up a 5 year old thread..


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                not much

                Old thread is mega old


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                  Totally uninteresting to me. Most of her stuff isn't terrible, but none of it is compelling.


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                    She's an Avg female singer whom uses her sex too offset her lackluster singing and writing skills.
                    She's probably as corporate a singer as you can get btw.
                    I think She's hot but in that trashy club whore kind of way.
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                      She has considerably more talent than the vast majority of the divas who are around today. And she has managed to survive in a fairly hostile music industry way beyond most of her peers.

                      So, not a fan, but she has my respect as an artist.


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                        i think she is sick for having done this
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                          Hated her then.
                          Hate her now.

                          same here! Typical 80s crapola


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                            She off sets her lack of real talent with showmanship, many costumes, much contraversy claiming freedom of speech but only uses it to expoit the stupid and lame. At least she building some schools for poor children in South Africa now and in that she's giving back.
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                              Madonna is a dirty dirty girl



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                                i think she is sick for having done this

                                she turned herself black?
                                Excuse me, could i please use your vagina?