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The Atomic Bitchwax! (concert review)


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  • The Atomic Bitchwax! (concert review)

    Last night I went to an The Atomic Bitchwax show here in Toronto and I just have to tell everybody that they are freakin' amazing live.

    For those of you who don't know T.A.B. were formed by Ed Mundell (guitar (of Monster Magnet), Chris Kosnick (bass and vocals (of Black Nasa) and Keith Ackerman (drums). They play heavy riff/stoner rock. The band no longer has Ed Mundell.... he has been replaced by Finn Ryan (of Core).

    The show was at the El Mocambo in their upstairs venue (which is a dance school during the day). Bad weather/promotion and the fact that nobody know's who they are kept the attendence down to about 50 (Sir_Noodles come to the show too). All 3 members can really play their instruments. Finn was using a Tele through a Hiwatt head and his tone and playing were both kickass. Kosnick's bass skills are to die for, the guy has flying fingers. The band played for just over an hour and the people who showed up got to see a true rock experience. Highlight songs included Birth To The Earth, Hey Alright, Kiss The Sun, ****************kicker, Forty Five, Ice Pick Freak, Liquor Queen, Cloning Chamber, and The Destroyer .

    I would deffinately suggest checking out the tour if it comes to your town.....the remaining dates are:

    06/15/05 Casbah Hamilton ON
    06/16/05 Hi Fi Club Lakewood OH
    06/17/05 Abbey Pub Chicago IL w/Comets On Fire
    06/18/05 High Noon Saloon Madison WI
    06/19/05 Hurricane Kansas City MO
    06/20/05 Larimer Lounge Denver
    06/22/05 El Corazon Seattle WA
    06/23/05 The Brickyard Vancouver BC
    06/24/05 Sabala's Portland OR
    06/25/05 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco CA
    06/26/05 Knitting Factory Los Angeles CA
    06/27/05 Hollywood Alley Mesa AZ
    06/28/05 Burt's Tiki Lounge Albuquerque NM
    06/29/05 The Conservatory Oklahoma City OK
    06/30/05 Emo's Austin TX
    07/01/05 The Sanctuary San Antonio TX
    07/02/05 One Eyed Jacks New Orleans LA
    07/03/05 Hi-Tone Memphis TN
    07/04/05 The End Nashville TN
    07/05/05 The Hideaway Johnson City TN
    07/06/05 The Milestone Charlotte NC
    07/07/05 Blue Plate Norfolk VA
    07/08/05 Ottobar Baltimore MD
    07/09/05 Rex's Bar West Chester PA

    I didnt bring my camera with me but I like photos so here are some pics from their site

    Here's the cover art for the newest CD (III) ---->
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    Yes, I went to that show with some loser by the name of Mike ---- haha, just kidding Crappymonkey. I agree --- it was an impressive show. It was loud as ****************, and the sound was thick and sludgey. But all three can play. The drummer and bass player were outstanding. I didnt think the guitar player was quite on their level, but he was definitely good.

    I was really impressed with the fast unison parts on the guitar and bass that both players seemed to pull off almost effortlessly. Definitely worth checking out