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  • Hey Bernardo Gui!

    I burnt a mix CD tonight in honor of your birthday. Here's the list:

    Mandrill: Fencewalk
    Ape is High
    Mango Meat
    Queen: Get Down, Make Love
    Dragon Attack
    Funkadelic: No Compute
    Standing on the Verge of Getting it On
    Ohio Players: Love Rollercoaster
    Funky Worm
    EWF: Mighty Mighty
    Serpentine Fire

    Steely Dan: Bodhissatva
    Isley Brothers: Voyage to Atlantis

    Listening to it now, cool stuff.
    Originally posted by tamoore
    I was a Satanist for 10 years. Not this pussy "We don't believe in Satan" Satanist **************** either......
    Real, hard core, hanging out in cemeteries, digging up bodies, killing prostitutes and eating their livers type Satanism.
    All for the glory of lord Satan, baby.
    You ever see the movie 'Lost Boys'? It was a lot like that.....

    One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.

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    Round 2... FIGHT!
    I love you, you goober!

    Required Reading

    Originally Posted by Dew Knot Hump

    For some reason I always thought "LOL" meant "lots of luck" and when a friends mother passed away awhile back I responded "LOL" to the email announcing it.

    Originally Posted by Rada