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An evening with just me and my trout


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  • An evening with just me and my trout

    mmm, yummy.

    bass trout

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    Originally posted by lawboy
    Brikus, that's some of the funniest stuff I have ever read. Kudos my brother. There will now be an honorary Trollie Award each year named in honor of you and that thread, called the Open G Piano Award.

    Originally posted by soup in a Petra Nemcova VS Josie Maran thread :
    The only real winner in this thread is my weewee.


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    that is a huge bass..
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      Originally posted by linus
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          I'm more of a native brook trout fishermen. God, I love fishing...
          Originally Posted by The Master

          Gun in one hand, wheel in other, cigar in mouth, one-liners ready.

          Originally Posted by -todgemistro-

          baron85 wins the thread

          Originally Posted by mattburnside

          The internet is a great big place. I'm sure there's a forum out there full of people who shoot straight and don't give a damn what you think, but who somehow feel free to get a massive case of butt-hurt if you dare to disagree with them.

          Actually, it's probably a bunch of little forums. With one dude each.

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            Originally posted by brikus
            mmm, yummy.

            bass trout

            You do actually look like Captain Haddock, you know.
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              You should come down to TX and catch some redfish. Good eatin'.
              We got speckled trout here too.
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                Originally posted by brikus
                ...then I take of the scales of my fish,

                You take the scales off your Trout?


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                  I prefer Chicks !
                  Take your stuffed toy guitar and go to bed now .


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                    Is that you? I pictured you looking more like a shark.....
                    While we're at it,let me say that you could fill two busses with the girls that I hit between 1982-1990...

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                      At least it wasnt a post about trouser trout


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                        very nice striper you got there, trout was nice to
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                          That's a whole lotta fish
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