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wow, i actually wrote a tune with my delay in mind


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  • wow, i actually wrote a tune with my delay in mind

    so i started this new side project with a girl i work with. kinda hip hop/rock thing. she really wants to be in a rock band, but just has too much soul for it. so she got 3 white boys to be her rythmn section, and here we are.

    we had written a progression like 2 months ago, but she lost the tape and couldn't remember what it was. so i just came up with something new. started on acoustic, but it was the wrong texture. made it clean, then put the Deluxe Memory Man on it, and instant tone perfection. i'm really glad i got that damn pedal.

    now if only i could figure out what the chords are...
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    This thread sucks.
    I love you, you goober!

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    For some reason I always thought "LOL" meant "lots of luck" and when a friends mother passed away awhile back I responded "LOL" to the email announcing it.

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        Originally Posted by requiem156

        Dokken has no album called Storm of Dragons. If they did, the songs would all be about this one dragon who got his heart broken by a mean female dragon. The riffs and solos would be killing, though.


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