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What is your opinion of the band CLUTCH?


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  • What is your opinion of the band CLUTCH?

    to see or not to see.

    Originally posted by ssereb
    hi! my name is n,n-dimethyltryptamine and i am the most likely cause of near-death experiences!

    By The Metric
    I fought the war but the war won.

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    They ****************ing ROCK!


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      Montgomery County Maryland's most famous band!

      (OAR is a close second)


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        Some people say rock is dead, Clutch proves them wrong.


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          Originally posted by derivicus
          They ****************ing ROCK!

          Harmony Central Geezer Brigade member No. 50


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            Originally posted by Jaggery
            to see or not to see.

            What the f--k are you doing in this forum?
            And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out (Matthew 5:29)


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              Clutch ****************ing rocks.
              "Liquor, women, drugs and killing!" - Lee Wyatt, RIP



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                not a fan.

                i've listened to them a number of times, and each time with an open mind. just don't like them.
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                  Clutch is like many bands out there, how much you like them depends on how much you can get with what the singer does. He pretty much has a talking, sometimes yelling but not quite rapping schtik that he uses a few different ways. I don't mind it myself and some of the lyrics are clever and funny. The rest of the band can really work up groove.

                  Clutch have made their name and way by playing live and they have been around for a long time. I haven't heard their last couple of albums, but on the four I do have, when it clicks it is good rock and roll.


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                    They rock man. I'm just getting into themmyself but I have both the Blast Tyrant and Robot Hive: Exodus CDs and both are great. "Burning Beard" is simply one of the best rock songs I've ever heard. Kickass video too.

                    Originally Posted by Norton666

                    Man , Ive held off replying to any Klops threads because its kind of like the sweet , naive retarded kid down the street who is out putting in hours on his pogo stick every single night with dreams of someday going pro . You have to admire his ambition and determination , but at some point , he will realize he is retarded and there isnt a pro pogo stick league. I just dont wanna be the guy to tell him . Wait...............