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AKG guitarbug & sr40 diversity : initial reaction


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  • AKG guitarbug & sr40 diversity : initial reaction

    hello all,

    after 20 yrs of guitar playing i finally bucked the nay sayers and went wireless. had no more than $250 to spend. so i decided on the akg sr40 diversity receiver and wms40 guitarbug transmitter: have one body pack for headset mic already, and wanted to avoid another. I figure since i am more from the jerry garcia, derek trucks stand still and play school, i may not have the troubles some younger more mobile types might have. I got it from americanmusical, mainly because of the xtra yr warranty at no cost.

    have only used it in my living room so far, was able to go about 50 feet to other end of house thru a couple of walls with no dropout. tomorrow i will use it during the worship service at church. will use it with an american deluxe strat and podxt.

    my initial impression is that i am pleased with the sound and freedom it gives me. As the one with the most experience in sound/recording on our worship team i often need to wander around the stage and to the soundboard, approx. 75 ft from the stage. this will allow me to do that with no trouble.

    now the big question. the sound??? i have heard those that say that there is no wireless that compares to a good cable. well at the $250 price point that may be true. I A/B'ed it with a cable after trying to match the input as closely as possible and there is a slight loss in high end/presence. nothing the average joe would probably notice. nothing that can't easily be fixed with a tad of EQ. that said, i am not too much on a real biting/bright tone so i don't miss it. if i was doing recording i would no doubt stick with a cable.

    that said i am excited about the freedom of movement that i will have playing live. your thoughts and comments welcome

    XT Brotherhood

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    I like the idea of a wireless setup. Since I am not a gigging musician in the sense of a stage band, I don't need one. I've sat in on a pit orchestra and a church thing as of late, and that's about all I do.

    However with the freedom of a wireless setup comes a crazy show. A local band called Lifted (I think. I honestly don't even remember. That's just what pops into my head) played a show a month or so ago with a new lead guitarist who had a wireless. He was ****************ing nuts. Guitar spins around the back, walking through the crowd and the entire gym area, and being a total attention whore.

    The people loved it. Esspecially my large breasted slutbag female friend whom he kept making advances to as he played.
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