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OT: Mountain bikers - need advice for buying bike for wife!


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    Originally posted by Tag
    Thanks to all of you guys for the great advice...went down to the bike shop and checked out a few different models. Ended up ordering one of these:

    It was a little out of the price range, but the disc brakes, better gearing/components, and the sharp color (black/chrome with pink trim) won me over. She is going to love it.

    Congrats, she will certainly love it.

    I am so excited to see all the cyclist around here. People are always mentioning forumites should get together for a jam but I am starting to think we could have one heck of a group ride.

    I was just thinking the other day how similar some of the discussions here are to some I have seen on cycling forums. Gear addiction is gear addiction I guess. Especially upgrade-itis.
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      You have chosen wisely. The XT build alone will outlast most other considerations, smooth and hardy. Disc brakes a definite plus - inspires confidence.

      Plus it's my favorite color.
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        Heh, thanks for the feedback fellas...

        The XT was a big selling point to me. The guys at the shop told me it's in a whole other league then the parts on the Trek below the 6500.

        Yeah, I'm going to give it to her tomorrow. I'm psyched, she has no idea...
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