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XM or Sirrius?


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  • XM or Sirrius?

    I'm going satellite radio.

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    I've had both and prefer sirrius.

    I listen to it about 6 hours a day.

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      Sirius. I got it with my Jeep. I'll pay for it when the year's up.

      A few of my friends who have XM were saying that it seems like they just replay a few playlists everyday.


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        How does the gear work? I see home kits & car kits. Do you connect to computer speakers? Is the speaker connection on the radio itself or is it a part of the kits?
        The moral of the story is that none of us knows anything.

        I left her in the sand,
        just a burden in my hand...


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          I have sirius and I love it..

          You can either plug you own speakers in too the audio out(yes computer speakers work,thats what I use at home) Or you can have the sirius player send a signal out too a station that doesnt have any other FM stations on it,thats what I use in my car.
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            never heard XM but sirius has made my music expierence in my car a hell of a lot better. Highly recommended.
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              I like XM just because they have MLB. If Sirius carried baseball games I'd go with them.
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                  I like XM, but have never tried Sirrius.
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                    No contest. XM rocks!


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                      Originally posted by phydeaux99
                      No contest. XM rocks!

                      XM doesn't have stern or the wise guys!
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                        I have Sirius. I think the programming and content is really really good. Sound quality is better than regular radio. The only problem I have is with my reception.

                        I got it installed aftermarket by a (for what I know) reputable car audio retailer/installer. Whenever I go under things it often cuts out. In a tunnel or under a bridge, that's understandable. But on a tree-lined street the overhanging branches will blip out my signal! It's really irritating. Does that happen to you guys? On open roads and highways it's great, but I live in a suburban area with lots of trees which causes me to listen to it infrequently.
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                          Thank god. Sirius made the fatal mistake when they forked over $500 million for that unfunny washed up hack Stern. I went with XM and have never regretted it. The music programming is fairly similar, but the XM talk is way better (O&A, Ron & Fez), plus the much smaller hardware and the ability to record shows make the XM hardware far superior.


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                            sirius - i listen to mojo nixon's show "lying ****************************************s"


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                              Sirius... If all it had were channel 25 (Underground Garage) and 74 (Sirius Blues), I would still like it better than XM.