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  • Chris Whitley Appreciation Thread

    Singer/songwriter and guitarist Chris Whitley passed away of lung cancer on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2005, in Houston, Texas, at age 45.

    Chris is survived by his daughter, Trixie Whitley, 18, of Belgium, whose voice could occasionally be heard in the background of Chris's records over the years, as well as on stage with him. He is also survived by his brother, singer/guitarist Daniel Whitley (who contributed guitar to several of Chris's albums); his sister, Bridget Whitley Anderson, of Vermont; his ex-wife, H

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    I was just listening to Living With the Law about 45 minutes ago. Good stuff. I remember not appreciating it too much when it first came out, but my ears have grown so much over the last 15 years and he's among the endless list of stuff I've come to accommodate. It's too bad he wasn't smart enough to quit polluting himself before it was too late.


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      I never really got into him, and I don't know why.

      I sam him at Mountain Stage back in 1993 or so. If you don't listen to NPR, Mountain Stage is kinda like Austin City Limits for radio...recorded every week in a small (1000 seat or so) theater in Charleston, WV. They bring in great acts every week...most of them relatively unknown to the general population. They usually have 4 or 5 bands every weekend and at least a few times a year, they get some legendary people in there from all different genres.

      Anyway, he was really amazing. I didn't know any of the songs that he did, but I liked every single one of them, and the way he went back and forth from slide to fretted notes was pretty nifty to watch too.
      Some original songs...

      And some cover tunes...


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        One of all time favorite musicians. Saw him live 3 or 4 times.



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          One more person that Whitley influenced through his music was HC's own pedal builder, Jacques Charbit. Jacques was one of the first guys I knew of to handbuild and market his own line of pedals - the first being his Fuse Blower.

          Jacques told me that Whitley's song "Narcotic Prayer" from Din of Ecstasy inspired him to build a distortion pedal that would achive some of the guitar sounds in that song.

          I bought Fuse Blower #3, and a year later see Chris' custom 1966 Duo Sonic on Ebay. Chris' daughter drew a 3-year old's artwork all over the body with silver marker - the drawings on the guitar ended up being the cover art for Din of Ecstasy.

          I shoot Jacques an email telling him the guitar is up for sale. Jacques then contacts the seller (Dan? Chris' brother), and then manages to get in touch with Chris. Two or three years ago, Chris and Jacques meet up, and more of Jacques pedals end up on Chris' pedal board.
          "We have given him the goat"
          -Mr. Alifi