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Gary Peacock refused to play behind Elvis Costello at Lee Konitz'z bday bash


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  • Gary Peacock refused to play behind Elvis Costello at Lee Konitz'z bday bash

    this happened a few years ago.. pretty interesting.

    and here is the forum discussing it:

    i wonder if jack dejohnette is an ****************************!?

    that would be a trio of ****************************s who play amazing jazz.

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    **************** Gary Peacock.
    Long live Elvis Costello.
    It figures you wouldn't get it. "A Season in Hell" was a head of it's time. -Jimmy James

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      Interesting bit of writing by Mr. Dworkin there. I agree with him.

      I bet Gary Peacock didn't have a clue what Elvis Costello and his music are about.

      "it aint nothin' but a jam"
      -Jimi Hendrix 10-10-68


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        kinda reminds me of all those old threads about technique equals better music...


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          It's kinda funny that he closed with a Costello "quote" from a cover.
          Cool article though, guy makes some excellent points.


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            My favorite bit:

            "He chose his vision of being an artist over being a compassionate human being. This is always the wrong choice. People who support Peacock's actions will cite the fact that Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, etc..., may not have been the nicest people either. However, having a bad attitude and being a mean person is never a prerequisite to being a great artist. Never. Artists who justify their rudeness by trying to conflate it with their artistic process or, worse, with an

            Originally Posted by Jimmy James: Zippers are like SAT tests. They're geared more for white people and don't reflect black culture, sensibility, complicated hand shakes and Good Times reruns.

            Originally Posted by StringJunky: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with Maalox, Tums, and The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion.


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              Poor form on the part of Mr.Peacock.


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                Jazz blows.


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                  I love jazz, but how many threads are going to pop up about a jazz musician being a dick?

                  ****************ing jazz snobs.I've known a jazz snob or two in my own experience-one I know, complains about loud guitars & bands (what do they expect-a cocktail version of Cannibal Corpse, or Black Label Society?).& another who's only way of building his self esteem is to insult EVERYONE he knows.



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                    Peacock exhibited an elitist attitude, but-

                    Why should he have to play with Elvis Costello, or anybody else?

                    If, say, Kenny G was performing at a club where Elvis Costello happened to be dining, should he expect the singer to drop everything and join him on stage?


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                      Why should he have to play with Elvis Costello, or anybody else?

                      Because he was hired to play in the backing band for the night.


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                        Hold up...

                        I agree with the article on principle, but I did read some of the forum comments and, forgetting some of the boneheaded knee-jerk anti-rock ignoramus sentiment there for a second, all in all it was a fairly intelligent discussion and there were some good points from both sides. Being the devil's advocate for a second:

                        1. Some equal time from Peacock would have been good form before forming such a strong opinion of the incident.

                        2. Aside from watching each other storm out and Peacock's "I don't play for no rock star" comment, the rest is hearsay. We really don't know for sure what the spat was over in the first place. Perhaps Costello was being a "rock star" in the egomaniacal, flighty whiny-bitch-diva sense. In that particular hypothetical scenario, I'd have to side 100% with Peacock.

                        3. Costello wasn't exactly a pro in this situation, either. He was just as capable (and fell just as short) as Peacock of maintaining professionalism, doing all of a whopping 3 songs, and being done with it.

                        4. Costello's rock is legendary. His smooth jazz... not so much. Therefore, he wasn't in a very strong bargaining position that night.
                        Originally Posted by mattburnside

                        I think all female forumites should be required to pretend they are guys. Otherwise, you get what we have now, which is a bunch of horndogs ranging from old-enough-to-know-better down to too-young-to-buy-her-a-beer chasing after approximately three chicks and making total asses of themselves.


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                          Because he was hired to play in the backing band for the night.

                          You're right, I misread that part.


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                            Wait a minute, we're talking about a bassist here?



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                              Because he was hired to play in the backing band for the night.

                              Gary Peacock doesn't play in "backing bands for the night".
                              He accepted to be part of Lee Konitz's project... that's something very different. At this level, there are no "backing bands" in jazz.

                              And he apparently made it clear weeks before that he was not interested in playing with Costello and therefore would not play with him.

                              I find it very unprofessional and rude of Costello to leave and cancel an advertised gig at the last minute just because there would be no bassist on stage. So what? Frisell and Konitz are not good enough for him?

                              And he does so on his friend's birthday celebration... what a rude and whiny diva attitude....

                              Gary Peacock FTW