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EMILY REMLER!!!!!! - the late guitarists tribute website has some good stuff


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  • EMILY REMLER!!!!!! - the late guitarists tribute website has some good stuff

    go into the transcription section, there are a bunch of chord melody type things (comping studies).. latin/bossa nova stuff. i think these are lifted from her "advanced jazz" dvd.

    its soo sad that she died a while back. not many burning female guitarists out there. she was one of them.

    sadly, it looks like she died from her drug addiction. ... does anyone know any of the circumstances around her death? the website just says, heart failure. at 32. but it also said drugs were a big part of her life. so... i can only put the two together.

    check it out though. good learning materials on there.

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    Cardiac arrest due to a cocaine or heroin OD while on tour in Australia, if I'm not mistaken.


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      I love her playing, she used to hang out with Larry Coryell all the time.
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      Were you doing better when "rich" people were makin' money, OR are you better off now?

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        Being a musician is a hazardous occupation.
        Serious about playing but not much else.


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          Thanks for the link!


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            Heroin. A lot of people had no clue she was hooked.

            Apparently a very sad and lonely person when it came right down to it.

            Too bad, she was a hell of a talent. Both Metheny and Coryell were
            shocked to the point of tears over her death.
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              Thanks for the link.


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                Thank you so much! Very simple to learn but all great pieces. Please post if you have more such links. I've been out of the loop so long but visiting that site made me want to pull out my guitar.