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Question about tuners on a Telecaster


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  • Question about tuners on a Telecaster

    I have a Classic 50s Telecaster and I really don't like the vintage slotted tuners. Is there a direct replacement available that I could slip right in without having to drill more holes in the headstock? I don't necessarily want locking tuners--I just don't want the slotted tuners and prefer the regular tuning poles with just a hole through them.

    I'm looking at these (see link below), but I'm not sure if they will fit. Are all "vintage" style Fender tuners the same size?,_solid_peghead_tuners/Gotoh_Locking_Vintage_Oval_Knob_Tuners.html

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    That's a good question. I've got a Nashville Deluxe Tele with the vintage tuners, and I definitely don't like them. I was pondering getting a set of Fender standard tuners off ebay and seeing if I could put those in. But a direct replacement without drilling would be nice.
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      I almost changed the tuners on my 50's tele to locking ones and was told by my tech he'd have to drill for bigger holes.


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        I like the vintage tuners on my strat..what don't you like about them ?
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          Making the holes bigger isn't really that big a deal if you've got a drill and don't get impatient, just pray they fit and make do if they don't (my mantra)
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