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Did you wear a varsity jacket in high school? Did you continue to after you graduated


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  • Did you wear a varsity jacket in high school? Did you continue to after you graduated

    I got my first varsity letter as a freshman but never bought a varsity jacket. I hated high school, though, so that was probably a part of it.

    Fess up...who had one and how long did you continue wearing it?


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    Nope. I was shop rat. Safety boots were our thing. I still wear safety boots when needed.


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      No. I didn't play any sports in high school.
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        I lettered in four different sports, but never had an actual jacket. I also hated high school.
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          Not until university. And then it was for fencing. And it wasn't hideous.


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            Never bought the jacket. I always played baseball so we had team jackets for game use. I dont think I ever took a letter out of the plastic it came in and those jackets were expensive.

            High school was a place to play ball for me. I didnt hate it but I am not overly sentimental about my high school years so to speak.

            I only remember the wrestlers wearing those and maybe some of the football players.
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              They were popular in my high school but I never ordered one. I had a bunch of varsity letters.

              Actually, I had a baseball warmup jacket that I wore a bit. You could get the letters as brass pins so I put them on the collar I think. It was your basic baseball warmup and not really as gaudy as the standard varsity jacket.


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                I got a letter jacket for orchestra.

                I might have worn it for the first couple years at college, I don't remember. Since then I wore it a couple times when I went back to watch the old alma mater play football games.

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                  I lettered in band and orchestra at two different schools.

                  That's all I got.

                  I was in a program called Partners In PE where we worked with retarded and autistic kids. It was kinda sweet because I was the only guy (sophomore) in the class with about 18 junior and senior girls. I had long hair and the girls couldn't get enough of me.

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                    those letterman jackets looks very 50's to me
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                      Never had a varsity jacket and never played sports. I did, however, letter in choir.
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                        I lettered in 4 sports in high school but never got a jacket. partly because I was a cheap bastard and partly because I hated almost every minute of high school
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                          No...and no...
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                            I lettered in a couple sports and didn't get a jacket, but I didn't hate high school


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                              I didn't play any sports in high school either, so I used my clumsiness, ineptitude, and complete lack of ambition to develop an affectation of hyper-coolness and a general sense of contempt for all things athletic. The girls practically ran me over in their efforts to get past me and hang out with the jocks instead.
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