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NTD: That's new truck day for the unintiated


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  • NTD: That's new truck day for the unintiated

    Not brand new, just new to me. I've been wanting something that gets better mileage and more carrying space than my jeep and found a 90 Mazda b2200 on craigslist (is there anything you can't find on the internet?). Exterior in pretty good shape for almost 20 years old (vintage?) I guess I can call it relic'd. Mechanicals in excellent shape due to awesome maintenence practices by the owner. 124k miles.

    $1300 cash.

    That's cheaper than some amps I've bought, and the Bad Cat couldn't haul yard debris off to the dump!

    I'll get some pics this weekend for anyone interested.
    I'm often amazed, but never surprised.