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Global Warming Reversed In One Year


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  • Global Warming Reversed In One Year

    Have you seen these recent articles? What will the global warming cult followers do now? ng/article10866.htm

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    Im skeerd! Im skeerd! This is pretty bad news.
    Originally Posted by Mercer

    You are truly fantastic, RedYagiDY. Fans(****************in)tastic!


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      Global warning is a joke. There's a lot of scientific and mathematical proof that says it doesn't and can't even exist.

      there's "a lot" huh? care to cite anything interesting? or just making ambiguous blanket statements?

      actually we're due for an ice age. full blown ice ages (historically) come on in very short periods of time - like it could happen within our lifetime. global warming could just be one of the little irregularities in weather leading up to an ice age.


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        I don't worry about any of that environment stuff. The bigger issue is oil / energy... it's amazing that within the span of only about 60 years, we have managed to become completely dependant on oil, and consume almost half of the worlds reserves. Factor in the exponential increases in future consumption and the lack of any meaningful strategy to deal with it, and we have the ingrediants for a massive global breakdown of society.

        We won't make it to the ice age. So I'm just going to cruise around in my suv while I can.


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          Half of the world's reserves? Recently their was a discovery off the coast of Argentina of 2 oil fields with an estimated reserve of 600 BILLION barrels of oil each. That is BILLION.

          Each field is estimated to be able to sustain the world for 60 years. So their is 120 years worth of oil right there. I am an industry insider and you will not see the media at large cover these kind of finds because it doesn't play well to have good things happen in the energy markets. Assuming we have found half of the worlds reserves when only a fraction of the world has had any exploration is a bit presumptuous.

          As for the global warming and ice age theories. I personally don't think that man putting a product composed of materials already found on Earth into the atmosphere is going to change the Earth's climate at all (aside from a full blown nuclear war). History tells us that dramatic environmental changes have occured because of great natural disasters such as massive volcanic eruptions or outside agencies such as meteors hitting the earth. Between the two the outside agency has a lasting impact while the natural disasters have traditionally had short term impact on weather patterns.

          smile it's the clap.


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            Global cooling is 100x more scary than global warming.

            plants like warmth n ****************.

            they don't like ice.
            Yes, I hate you.


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              Hey now we can't have this, everyone knows "the debate is over,", and "global warming" and fearmongering is a multibillion dollar industry.

              Stop criticizing and looking at facts, dammit.
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                Will they take the award away from Al Gore?

                Will this be his second "invention of the internet?
                Yes, I hate you.


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                  The thing about global warming is that it may be happening, but it probably wasn't caused by human consumption. Warm periods have happened in the history of the earth before humans were around, how do the global warming people explain those?
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                    let's get the semantics right,:

                    it's "CLIMATE CHANGE"

                    like many of the Brits on GJ, can go either way
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                      Each field is estimated to be able to sustain the world for 60 years. So their is 120 years worth of oil right there.

                      Does that take into account China and other emerging 3rd world countries?

                      Even that being the case, I'd suggest running ouf of gas in 120 years or less is a more timely concern that any global environmental hypothesis.

                      edit -

                      Just curious if you have a link, because some quick research indicates only 100 million (with an M) barrels. That's no 120 years worth.

                      "By 2007, all the companies produced 60 million barrels, and this reserve ... represents almost double what they produce," he added.

                      LONDON (Thomson Financial) - Pan American Energy said the oil and gas reserve it discovered in Argentina could contain up to 100 mln barrels of oil equivalent.


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                        Once again people prove they don't know the difference between climate and weather. The temps for the last 12 months are weather. Global Warming, true or not, deals with climate.

                        This would make an excellent exam question Friday... *glares meaningfully at class*

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                          let's get the semantics right,:

                          it's "CLIMATE CHANGE"

                          like all of the English on GJ, can go either way

                          this is right


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                            Sometimes, I wonder if I accidentally surfed over to Slashdot. Man, I've heard all sides of this too many times.
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                            I think lonechicken is the one that always says dont stick your dick in the crazy more than once. Thats good advice.

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                            Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


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                              How could it have been "reversed in one year" if it didn't exist?
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                              Is she cuddling a dirty swan?

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                              The world doesn't need a new generation of hippies.