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Have you ever walked out on a job...


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  • Have you ever walked out on a job...

    You know, one minute you're working and then the next minute you say "**************** this, I quit" and walk out the door?

    I never have.....but please, share your tales.

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    Yep, FedEx Ground. I had put my notice in and only had three days left anyway. I gave the shift manager the middle finger on the way out too.
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      Originally Posted by Crab_Cake

      That said I cannot stand animal cruelty, especially against friends of humanity. These include horses, dogs, chimps, and to a lesser extent dolphins.

      Great band.

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      little african girl machete gang victims

      Everybody Hates Miserycast


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        Only in my dreams.

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          I did - job in a pizza shop in college. Got a call to play bass in a gigging bar band, which was a much cooler way to earn some beer money. I got the call, took off my apron and walked out. It felt great.


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            I came so so close but didn't.


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              i was sitting at my desk typing, and it fell apart. just totally came apart. the owner heard a loud crash and came over to see what happened. didn't ask if i was ok. just said, "you can get another desk from over there. make sure you throw this one out in the dumpster." i looked at him and just walked out. stupid me went back after they asked me to though.
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                That's about how I left Walgreens.
                Originally Posted by jaxn slim

                I'm totally gonna beat my kids until they can play like that.


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                  Only do this if don't need a reference.
                  Serious about playing but not much else.


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                    Nope, but I wish I could at this job Maybe in a few weeks I'm sure I'll post something if I do

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                    Originally Posted by Devil is Dill

                    "Now I am become Weebz, destroyer of careers."


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                      Well I used to work at Damon's and then one day decided to just not go back. Not very dramatic and it doesn't really count I guess but it's all I've got.

                      I have given my fair share of 2 week notices though. Boy you should've seen the looks on thier faces. kinda like this
                      ...That's what she said.


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                      I wouldn't want to be in any woman who wants me in her.

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                      I may not know how to play it or program it, but it makes the "studio" look sufficiently enough like a spaceship that I feel my money was well spent.


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                        Never. As an HR manager, I really ****************ing hate it when people do that.
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                          Sort of but not really.

                          I just blew off my last shift at the place where I tended bar right before I was leaving for law school. Not very dramatic.


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                            '74 - McD's

                            The minute I figured I had my new Goldtop Deluxe LP paid for I was out the door.
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                              I did once but it's almost a joke and you're going to laugh at me. I was working for a telemarketer (I was young!) but I was not doing phone calls. I was there mainly for IT support. That was a temp job.

                              Last day came and that was in summer. There was nothing to do and I told the guy in charge that I was leaving because there was nothing to do. He told me to wait for the boss to come back. I said "what for?!" and I left (on lunch break).

                              I never looked back. I'm such a rebel.

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