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    Can someone here recommend me some choir music?
    I would prefer acapella but really anything that is good would be appreciated.

    This is inspired by watching a choir performance at my college that was just astonishing. I forgot to grab a program though!

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    Ave Dulcissima Maria--Gesualdo

    Song For Athene--Taverner

    Two of my personal favorites
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      Bach's St. Matthew Passion... (recent recording conducted by Herreweghe and featuring Ian Bostridge)
      Rachmaninov's All-Night Vigil... (Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir)
      Arvo Part - Kanon Pokajanen... (Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir)
      Pretty much anything written by Josquin.

      you'd be hard pressed to do wrong by picking up anything by the Tallis Scholars or the Hilliard Ensemble, as well.


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        Fourth movement of Beethoven's Ninth.
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          Fourth movement of Beethoven's Ninth.

          I know this is going to earn some furrowed brows, but I'm actually not too into the ninth. I've seen it live before and I really enjoyed the dynamics and how it could go from soft and barely audible to huge and powerfully loud.

          I guess I like my classical to be pretty stripped down in terms of different instruments so I can focus more on whats going on harmonically and can hone in on the different timbres.

          But thanks for all of your suggestions. Please keep them coming!


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            No one has mentioned Handel which is astonishing as his choral music is at the top of any list.
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              +1 for Arvo Part.
              Originally Posted by jaxn slim

              I'm totally gonna beat my kids until they can play like that.


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                Allegri's Miserere is gorgeous.
                My Songs Rising of the Lights


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                  While not strictly "choral" give this a listen:

                  Tis beautiful.
                  Originally Posted by jaxn slim

                  I'm totally gonna beat my kids until they can play like that.