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Besides electric guitars, are there anything else you collect?


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  • Besides electric guitars, are there anything else you collect?

    For me it's firearms and cars.

    I have an AK 47, SKS, AR-15, various shotguns, a .44 magnum revolver and semi-auto pistols that range from .22LR to 10mm.

    Between my wife and I , we have a '99 Suburban, an '02 and '06 Nissan Xterra's, a '94 Toyota 4x2 4 cyl pickup (27mpg) and a few days ago, a new '09 Mitsubishi Lancer (28 mpg).

    My logic for having 5 vehicles is the same for having 31 electrics. I need one for the different styles and tones. Ergo, I need the Suburaban to tow my boat and the Xterra's are for the severe Chicago winter snows and the two 4 cyl vehicles are daily drivers that gets decent gas mileage.
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    DVDs... Have around 560 now (which isn't a whole lot compared to other collections where people buy every DVD which comes out only stuff I like)
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      Yeah for the hyper comsumers
      I gots a lot of guitars, cds, vinyl and several amps. Thats it. 1 car. 1 bicycle.


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        Bows. I make primitive and classical archery gear and since I don't sell them..... I "collect" them. I have dozens of them.

        Here's a couple...


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          I used to collect folding knives, but I gave that up. My favorites were made from Cold Steel, though I've yet to try the stuff from Benchmade and SOG.

          I guess you could say I collect computers and software/hardware, comes in handy when you work in IT. Got 1 desktop and 2 laptops, might be getting a Mac soon.
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            Still collect baseball cards, and a few vinyl lp's I may not have.
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              I've collected pocket knives and hunting knives over the years. It's a small collection really. Lately I've been concentrating on Benchmade knives. In fact, if you're interested in a NIB Cabelas D2 Griptilian, send me a PM.
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                books on the occult - nothing super rare or anything, as I am poor, but I do have a first edition hardcover of "The Vision & The Voice" by Aleister Crowley.
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                  I have quite the collection of empty soda cans piling up around my computer.
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                    Bows. I make primitive and classical archery gear and since I don't sell them..... I "collect" them. I have dozens of them.

                    Very cool. Nice looking work. You should put one in the SPAM forum as a possible trade for some never know.

                    And for me...I have a couple hundred civil war minnie balls and a few other artifacts.
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                      I used to collect stamps--when I was eight years old. Then, I matured.


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                        Over the last few years, fat cells, lots of fat cells.

                        Got a pretty good collection at the moment.
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                          I don't even collect guitars.
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                            not me; just guitars and amps and effects pedals (actually, i'm more of an "acquire-er" of pedals~ no real rhymn or reason there).
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                              I don't even collect guitars.


                              Experiences, good bad and ugly.

                              Doesn't cost anything, no one can take 'em away, they don't wear out and they are always useful.

                              But that's just me.
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