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How can you make short hair look rock n roll?

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  • How can you make short hair look rock n roll?

    I wondered where to post this thread, I opened up the GJ board and realised that of the first 25 threads, only one was about guitar - I so I figured this was the place!

    Anyway... I work a 9 - 5 job and I cant have cool hair at my job - its fairly short (2 inches max) and dark. I play in an original alt rock/metal most weekends. A few months ago I adopted a sports head band type thing to try mix it up a bit which was ok, but now Im bored of it and Im looking for another way to avoid sporting my normal boring 9 - 5 cut onstage.

    What do you fellow short hair guys do? what do some popular short haired artists do to make short hair look rock n roll?
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  • #2 writing great, epic songs and playing kickass music?
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      Pleather pants.


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        Something like this, perhaps?


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          Dude, headbands seriously rock...

          Shave yer dome.
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            Riddle your face with pock marks...


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              I think the fact that you wore a "sports headband" renders this discussion moot.
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                get these, install guard No. 2 and have at your entire head
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                  Let it grow out some.


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                    I mean, if you're really rock and roll, you don't need a


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                      It's no longer rock n roll to look rock n roll
                      The noise was good, but I thought they phoned in a lot of the funk.

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                          Don't grow it out real long. The long hair look is over.
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                            Most of the bands I listen to consist of rather ordinary-looking guys with 9-5-type hair who happen to ROCK THE **************** OUT.

                            Lose the headband, leave your hair as it is, and concentrate on the music.
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                              Paint your face, it'll take the focus off your head.
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