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WOT: Kayaking.....Anyone Into This?


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  • WOT: Kayaking.....Anyone Into This?

    A few weeks ago, my wife & I did some kayaking in Lake George, NY.
    We loved it.
    We're going to rent kayaks and spend some time at the Howell, NJ reservoir about 2 + miles from our home this weekend.
    Anyone into kayaking?
    Any advice/pointers?
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    Yeah, my family goes kayaking once in a while in the White Mountains in northern NH. My personal advice would be to go on rivers, I find it much more fun. As in, I can keep myself awake, not so much on lakes.

    Coincidentally, my friend's stepdad just died in a kayaking accident, and now I don't want to go that bad any more
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      Kayaking in the gulf of Mexico is awesome. I go snook fishing in the 'yak all the time.
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        Resident X-Games junky, marc758 has shown some killer pics of him kayaking...maybe even as his avatar.
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          I was on a kayak building kick for asbout 5 years. Built 7or 8 or so boats during that time. I used them alot, but around Florida, since there is no white water, I mostly built touring kayaks for open water, and smaller more maneuverable boats for narrow rivers common in Florida. I made a few hybrid kayak/canoes which were the most versatile of all of them. I use them for fishing, camping, just messing around., I was just thinking today, I am ready to build another one. My last two, the only two I owned at the time, were stolen by one of the most vile low life pieces of **************** I have ever known. Dude was a scumbag disguised as a freind of mine. He also stole my best friend's boat that I was about 75% complete in the build process for him.

          So, bitterness aside, what do you want to know about kayaking? I am not an expert, but I know a good deal. Especially if you are talking about building and designing them.

          Here is a pic of one of my first builds.

          You cant tell from the pics, but the wood has really great figure and the clearcoat finish was sprayed on over the blue dyed wood, giving it an ultra glossy finish like a showcar finish, or actually like a stained guitar, which was the inspiration for the finish. You dont see too many color stained wooden boats. Most are either left natural, or painted.. Looked awesome in the sun when you could see all the grain through the finish, these pics dont show up though...

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            We've got a couple pretty low end recreation boats (both about 12 foot, plastic). It's a good time, havent' been out this year though. Generally speaking, the longer boats are going to be a bit faster for the same effort and track a little straighter.
            The noise was good, but I thought they phoned in a lot of the funk.

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              Went kayaking this summer - it was a blast. We really used them as more maneuverable canoes, but that seems to be the trend these days.

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                I love kayaking. I go out on boat trips with my family, and we have a couple of the low end ones on board. I take one out and paddle around an island to get a bit of a workout and some time to myself.
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                  I have never tried it but it looks like a lot of fun. Whilst out walking earlier this year mrs_huge and I stopped and spent half an hour watching this guy and a few of his pals very evidently enjoying it, despite not exactly being in the first flush of youth:


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                    NJ reservoir

                    Don't even think about to go and check the barrage facility (or whatevet it's called). Lot of accidents happen when one of the kayakers has a brilliant idea, let's go to check out this ship, this concrete something, etc....

                    It will be fun, I'm sure.

                    At home (HUN), we had the second biggest river at 200 m at the end of the streets. My parents never really lt us to go on water, but we did quite often with a friend of mine.

                    At our actual home (HUN) close the Danube (400 m), I would never dare to go on water, way too much traffic.

                    At my residential area (LUX) there are nice, small rivers, so I do kayak every summer, but not as often as I would like too.

                    The best spot I had the chance to kayak was the Soca river in Slovenia, strongly advised for all EU fellows.

           (it's not me, but check out the colour of the water)

                    DaveArronow: I really like your kayak, kudos!
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                      Damn Dave, that is a beautiful boat.

                      I've done a fair amount of sea/lake kayaking.

                      If you're in a sea kayak and roll it over, exit the cockpit by rolling yourself out FORWARD. I learned this one the hard way.

                      If you want to tackle whitewater, I suggest getting some instruction and start with the easy stuff. My neighbor got some whitewater gear and, with the encouragement of some more experienced paddlers, went straight to a class IV/V river. He had his second maxillofacial surgery last year.
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