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Any HVAC folk in here (or people who otherwise work with electric motors)?


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  • Any HVAC folk in here (or people who otherwise work with electric motors)?

    Is it possible to buy run capacitors that aren't made in China and will last for more than 12 months?

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    There are at least a couple American companies who make them. I used to order them for the Mechanical Contracting company I worked for. I'm trying to recall the brand names, as I just bought them through a supply house. I only ever bought Chinese parts as a last ditch effort. Total ****************ing ****************.

    Something Chill I think was one company. What size do you need?
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      5uF 370V


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        Try Johntsone They should have what you want.
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          Whatever supplier you use, call them and insist on American made parts. Most will get what you need. If they cannot or willnot, find another supplier.


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            I use to run the national parts center for Lennox in Canada. About 20 years ago they started making the capacitors a lot cheaper and started bringing them in from Asia. Go to one of the HVAC wholesalers in your area and they'll likely sell you one. It will say on it where it came from. I think that's the only way to find out where they come from; trial and error.

            However, if you're going through a capacitor every 12 months, you may have another problem than a bad capacitor. If it only happened once, it could be the capacitor. If it's happened several times, you could even be getting voltage spikes in your area. They are more common than people think and have damaged a lot of electrical operated products.
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