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Sparkling water Jam: Perrier vs. San Pellegrino vs. 'other'


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  • Sparkling water Jam: Perrier vs. San Pellegrino vs. 'other'

    My neighbor gave me a couple of cases of the 750mL bottles of San Pellegrino fizzy water

    What are your favorites?

    I know sparkling water (aka 'soda', 'fizzy') is mainly drunk by the Euro's though.....


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    I've only tried Perrier and some supermarket "no name" version.
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      I like Perrier. It is like extremely light beer.

      I have never tried San Pelligrino.

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        I'm, uh, not particularly picky, but I suppose I'd say Pellegrino is my #1.

        I don't drink a lot of sparkling water but I do like it. It seems especially thirst-quenching. There's nothing like waking up in the middle night with a horrible thirst and taking a nice cold Pellegrino out of the fridge.

        I also like their orange sodas. But the lemon ones are a bit weird-tasting.

        EDIT: last Summer I recall making shandys with the lemon one and Stella and it wasn't ban, though.


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          I strongly prefer Perrier. It has more "bite" to it.

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            i like perrier, but i'm not spending the $$ for it, as i use sparkling water to mix with my vodka and lemon/lime i go thru a bit of it.

            i get the kroger brand.....$2.69 per 12 pack.

            but if yer gonn GIVE me a case of perrier.....heck yea i'll drink it.
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              It's all gone a bit Tong in here...
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              Angry bowel movement faces while playing guitar or GTFO.

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                I don't drink water. Fish **************** in it

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                  I drink San Pellegrino all the time, so it gets my vote
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                    I don't like sparkling water.
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                      I prefer non sparkling but I guess the San P
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                        Spa Rood.


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                          Any of them. It doesn't make much difference to me. I drink mostly tap water, though.


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                            Remember how bizarre the concept of bottled water was, say, twenty years ago? It was seen as only suitable for the dirty continentals and their inadequate tap water

                            We still get loads of Africans round our way coming out of Tesco's with crates of bottled water. I don't know why they don't trust the tap water, maybe nobody's told them it's safe They're all dirt poor African immigrants too so it's a terrible waste of money.

                            I'd say something myself but it's almost impossible without coming out a bit racist. 'I say old chap, you do realise that one can drink the water from the tap. We're not in bongo bongo land anymore'

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