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    no lawn here. It always pisses me off to see people with lawns in the desert. I do have weeds that have needed pulling for well over a month though
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      We don't really have winter here, so I've been mowing my lawn very couple weeks or so anyway.
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        Not yet, but it's looking like I will be the first on my block to cut though.
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          Never stopped mowing it.

          Well, not me personally. I hire immigrants for that.

          Do bring me another mimosa!
          I liked you better as your previous alt. Now you're just a giant walking vagina filled with sand and yeast.


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            i use a beard trimmer.
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              I may not have cut my grass yet, but I haven't shoveled snow yet either!
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                Yes, but I wasn't the first this year.

                I did last weekend the wild onions were looking crazy..
                You're infested with those too? I wish there was a way to kill those friggin' things. I have to use a weedeater on them, and it always makes everything stink like onions.