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Anyone seen this website about a fictional take-over of the presidency by Sara Palin?

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  • Anyone seen this website about a fictional take-over of the presidency by Sara Palin?


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    ham fisted
    HCGJ Hyperbolic Race Traitor of the Year 2008

    Originally Posted by Captain Scully

    wayne vinson was sitting in seat 18c crying like a bitch.

    i had to carry that softy out under my arm. if times got desperate he was going to be our raft.

    he was wanting to store a bogner shiva in the coat closet. i later ate my lunch off that overpriced piece of **************** while i was sitting on the tail fin waiting for the rescue boats.

    Originally Posted by mattoverb

    omg I just noticed this thread has a vampire.


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      OMG!!! It's a newspaper from the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Originally Posted By Trace-P38
      Flogger wins.

      Originally Posted by Uma Floresta View Post
      Because we floggers won the music war some time ago.

      Originally Posted by Mike Riley View Post
      Preaching to the choir Rush in on a whole different level to quote a movie You might listen to Rush but you cant here Rush



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        it's twu, it's twu!
        well, it IS a gen-u-ine copy!


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          I clicked on the link thingy, but it looks like it quit halfway through loading.
          Originally Posted by kmacc45

          I appreciate your concern stringjunk, but I'm in a stress releive program now.
          Between my lawn service and fast driving, I think this issue is being address.

          Originally Posted by Bucksstudent

          **************** the lot of you.

          Originally Posted by jaxn slim

          Dude! I think your lung made me gay! WTF?