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  • GPOTD - 3.13.12

    Manufacturer: Yamaha
    Model: AEX 1500
    Case: Original Hard
    Color: Sunburst
    Condition: Near Mint
    Description: Top of the line AEX series with Floating Johnny Smith type pickup with a Piezo pickup too! Gorgeous wood used and the design was in conjunction with famous Jazz musician Martin Taylor. Body is 15 1/2 wide with a slim fast neck and jumbo frets . Adjustable Ebony bridge with Bone insert for Piezo, on-board 3 band EQ with blend.

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    Pretty, but not my thing. I've got no chops for a jazzbox.

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    I think everyone in the world has been lonely at some point in their life...and most of them could have probably written a more betterest song about it.

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    Once my mom told me not to go outside because there was a bird fight going on. I thought, "Bird fight, WTF? She can't really think I would fall for that crap." So I went outside anyway and a bird pecked me on the head.

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    Negatory, even dressed as a man I'm more of a man than you.


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      I don't have the chops for that kind of guitar either... if I did though the price seems reasonable!

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        I like it, but I would feel like a douchebag playing it, since I can't really play....
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          Looks nice, I
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            That's so conservative, it thinks Pat Buchanan is a Communist.
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              I would never use the piezo pickup, but it looks like a nice enough archtop.
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                Nah. Not for me.
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                Is she cuddling a dirty swan?

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                The world doesn't need a new generation of hippies.


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                  Cool guitar, I like the inclusion of a piezo, and it looks like it can be blended with the magnetic pick-up as well.


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                    Originally Posted by jjpistols

                    Try telling anyone here that they aren't a genuine bluesman, many will argue and call you names. Trust me. Then they tear apart their cubicles and smash their smartphones and just cant get any blues done at all.

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                    That's a negative, Ghostrider. Surf was not the lowering of standards, surf was the last point before standards got lowered. Surf exemplified the optimism and wholesomeness of American youth, before they got corrupted by longhair, dope, and the communist Beatles.


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                      I love it but there are a couple of things I don't like.

                      I can't imagine the piezo sounding anywhere near as good as the magnetic pickup. If you're going to blend it with the magnetic pickup, you might as well just label the blend knob "suck level".

                      It doesn't look like the saddle is compensated. On a $1500 guitar, that is ridiculous.


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                        First impression? I like that quite a bit, and yet I'd have just about zero practical use for it.


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                          I can dig it!

                          ...the tone sounded like the back of my ass on taco tuesday.

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                            Me likey.
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                              I like it.