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Do you consider video games ART? Why/Why not?


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  • Do you consider video games ART? Why/Why not?

    Originally Posted by rickenvox

    we're just at the beginning of the Bon Iver revolution

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    A video game could be art, but I wouldn't want to play it. Most are entertainment, as they should be.

    Originally Posted by jjpistols

    Try telling anyone here that they aren't a genuine bluesman, many will argue and call you names. Trust me. Then they tear apart their cubicles and smash their smartphones and just cant get any blues done at all.

    Originally Posted by Motorik

    That's a negative, Ghostrider. Surf was not the lowering of standards, surf was the last point before standards got lowered. Surf exemplified the optimism and wholesomeness of American youth, before they got corrupted by longhair, dope, and the communist Beatles.


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      I'm not certain. "Art" is pretty woogily concept-wise. I suppose you'd need a whole pack of folks agreeing that they were art and discussing them as such before I'm buying in. Then again, I don't run around worrying that something is/isn't "art" with a capital "A" too often.
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        I think theres definitely artistry involved in the creation of a videogame, and theres an "artistry" to creating a really great videogame. Are they art in the way that a painting or a film can be art? I don't know. I think they can be. Theres still a pretty vocal "I hate videogames and all they stand for" contingent out there though that simply aren't open to even recognizing games as a valid form of entertainment let alone an artform. You don't very often see forum posts or comments to the effect that "I hate films and all they stand for" or "I hate paintings and all they stand for." People who may not really like movies or paintings or poetry or whatever are still prepared to respect them as forms of artistic expression, but a videogame? No way no how!

        But for myself, I've definitely played a few games that drew a response from me similar to that of a really great film. Not that I think a videgame has to be like an "interactive movie" to be considered artistic of course. In fact, I sorta hate that idea myself...


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          They can't be art, because I can't go to a museum and blow the **************** out of something with a rocket launcher and I can in a video game.

          Originally Posted by Prages

          I think everyone in the world has been lonely at some point in their life...and most of them could have probably written a more betterest song about it.

          Originally Posted by tiger roach

          Once my mom told me not to go outside because there was a bird fight going on. I thought, "Bird fight, WTF? She can't really think I would fall for that crap." So I went outside anyway and a bird pecked me on the head.

          Originally Posted by gennation

          Negatory, even dressed as a man I'm more of a man than you.


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            I think the phrasing on that question is a bit weird. There is art involved in making video games, certainly.


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              So, a book of cheat codes would be like The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare?


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                Video games can be art just like a picture can be art.


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                  Of course it can be.

                  Can it be great art? That's a good question. I'm guessing yes.

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                    I have a hazy definition of art, but lately I've been favouring sort of a broad anthropological definition like "man-made cultural artefact" which would include anything from video games to literature to architecture to industrial design to clothing, and eschewing the "deep artistic meaning about mankind's struggle" pretense. If we at millenia-old cave paintings and call them art, why wouldn't future anthropologists look back on our video games and call them art?

                    So, yes.
                    Originally Posted by danuniversal

                    Dr. Flamencology, please stop your insulting words.

                    Originally Posted by lukeswall

                    what's that acronym you guys use all the time? something to do with hitting it in the butt. I always forget how it goes.


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                      i definitely consider it art. you generally have to design characters, tell a story, make music for it and make it entertaining. and you have to combine all these elements into 1 cohesive piece.

                      i'm not going to say they're the highest art form or anything like that but you can definitely draw parallels to all sorts of different forms of "established arts". Call of Duty games are like the bon jovi, definitely for the masses but entertaining nonetheless. ocarina of time means as much to me as the new world symphony. there were moments in that game that used stereotypes straight out of a fairy tale in the most perfect way just like how dvorak used the pentatonic scale of the stereotype of the native american.

                      i'm not terribly knowledgeable on visual art but some of these games are extremely creative with hand drawn backgrounds and mixing it together with whatever 3d rendering they have to do.

                      again, it's all relative. there's some really awful and super simple games out there but there are plenty of "artists" like that too like foster the people (they're both simple and awful).
                      Originally Posted by RupertB

                      The Gear Page: Because SIIHP isn't always the right answer.


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                        This is like asking if movies are art...or if Rock music can transcend the pedestrian, and become art.

                        I think the medium itself absolutely has the potential of becoming art. As always, it's dependent upon the skill of the programmers, and the production. No different than movies, in my opinion.

                        My opinion is not shared by Roger Ebert.



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                          I consider them a bloody waste of time.
                          Originally Posted by tiger roach

                          NORWEGIAN motherf**ker DO YOU SPEAK IT?


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                            While they can have artistic elements, I think, broadly speaking, it is a "no". I don't think games are art. They're... uh... games.


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                              If film is art, modern video games are most certainly art.