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When did Iron Maiden lose you if you ever were a fan?


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    ****************ing Blaze Bailey.

    I got right back into it with Brave New World.
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      Never. They were always my favourite band - Although Virtuall XI was quite bad. And they did have a bit of a dip with the last two first Bruce era albums.

      The last few albums since bruce came back have been truly excellent.

      I'm struggling to think of any band that old who managed to find some form after the inevitable dip in studio album quality with age that seems to curse every band


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        I think it happened after I turned 11.


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          Janick Gers

          There's nothing to see here.Move along.


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            A few times. I really liked the first two albums and found the "Number of the Beast" disappointing with a few exceptions. Then, I enjoyed most of "Piece of Mind" and "Powerslave" but found "Somewhere in Time" really patchy. "Seventh Son" was a return to form..and then it all went tits up completely. I never liked "Brave New World".

            Oh, and Jannick Gers.

            Overall, I got tired of their overuse of Emin/C/D chord progressions and galloping bass lines with Bruce wailing instantly forgettable melodies on top of it all.

            In retrospect, I could have easily quit with Maiden after the first two albums which for me have stood the test of time really well. They sound raw, vital and imaginative.
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              Let's all pretend the 90's didn't happen and get on with loving Iron ****************ing Maiden
              Last.fmgoodusername wrotemc100 is an utter **************** but completely correct


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                I was always a casual fan, but after high school they were non-existent for me. Then when emusic added a bunch of major label stuff you could get some of their albums for eight downloads (I was paying $20 a month for 50, $0.40 per, therefore $3.20 for one). I went with Somewhere In Time and have enjoyed listening to it here and there.

                But I like the song Running Free, a few tunes from Number of the Beast, SWIT, and the better part of the Seventh Son album. They're good at what they do, but what they do is limited and tedious if I listen to it for too long...which has always been my problem with the Maiden.

                Oops, I forgot to mention appreciating The Trooper from PoM and 2 Minutes to Midnight from Powerslave...for whatever it's worth.


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                  The one after powerslave
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                    Seventh Son was borderline and everything after, while having moments of greatness, typically gets weighed down by trying to be overly proggy. 7+ minute long songs that have 16 repeats of the same riff = boring, not progressive.
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                      They never had me. I've always hated them.
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                        No Prayer For The Dying was abysmal, but I actually like Fear Of The Dark.

                        I also like Brave New World, but didn't care much for Dance Of Death, and I just haven't bothered after that


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                          I have never stopped being a fan but I have to agree with other posters, Gers just annoys the hell out of me. When Adrian Smith came back into the fold they should have thanked him for his services and sent him packing. He is a poser.


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                            Powerslave was the beginning of the end for me. I was a rabid fan up to that album. That album was the first real disappointment for me. Other than the title track, Rime and Aces High, the rest seem like fillers to me with Losfer Words being one of the dullest instrumentals ever recorded. It's weird because this album is a favorite for quite a number of people.

                            I bought Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son but I never liked either one too much. Didn't even bother with the albums after that until Brave New World. That's not a bad album but the endless repeting chorus thing they have going on that album is just a tedious listen. There's just something about Bruces voice on the newer albums that I can't listen to anymore. The first 4 still get listens fro me but that's about it.


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                              Yeah I pretty much only listen to the albums up thru Powerslave and thats about it. I dont go in for the dead ones and live ones and stuff...


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                                "Somewhere In Time" had me questioning whether I liked what the direction they were heading. "Seventh Son" completely lost me.