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Alternate picking vs scalpel picking ??


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  • Alternate picking vs scalpel picking ??

    Was watching some guy's video lessons on youtube.He called the picking scalpel picking but really couldnt find anything about other then google search leading back to his video.
    You dont move the wrist the motion comes from bending the thumb.
    I dont know If there is another name for it other than scalpel picking.
    Maybe thats just something he calls it.

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    What he calls 'scalpel picking' isn't an alternative to alternate picking, because alternate picking refers to the up and down motion of the pick, so you'll never have, say, two downstrokes in a row or two upstrokes in a row when changing strings. Also, it is reminiscent of Michael Angelo Batio's picking style in that the pick doesn't change its position when you're changing positions, making it incredibly efficient, if difficult to learn.