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  • GPOTD - 5.12.12

    Year: 2011
    Manufacturer: Reverend
    Model: Buckshot
    Case: Optional ($79)
    Color: Midnight Black
    Condition: Mint

    There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge." - Isaac Asimov, Newsweek (21 January 1980)

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    Um, hell yes. These things are fugly in the best way, and, I assume, sound ****************in awesome
    Originally Posted by rhino55

    hi.flyer is to banjo as gennation is to fat whores


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      Nice. Good price too.
      Originally Posted by kmacc45

      I appreciate your concern stringjunk, but I'm in a stress releive program now.
      Between my lawn service and fast driving, I think this issue is being address.

      Originally Posted by Bucksstudent

      **************** the lot of you.

      Originally Posted by jaxn slim

      Dude! I think your lung made me gay! WTF?


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        Big no.


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          Would rather have it with a classic Tele bridge. Still hot, though.
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            Originally Posted by Jimmy James

            You're the British SAS of Metal.

            Originally Posted by Phlat Phive

            You're a man of refined taste and strong opinions.

            Originally Posted by goodusername

            Mosiddiqi is a prick, btw.

            Some Tunes:



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              Not my fav Reverend, but I like it alright. Don't think I'd want one.


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                Not my fav Reverend, but I like it alright. Don't think I'd want one.

                I'll second this.
                Fast, clean and cheap.


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                  Would rather have it with a classic Tele bridge. Still hot, though.

                  This. Tunomatic just looks wrong.
                  Otherwise killer.


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                    It's ok
                    There's nothing to see here.Move along.


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                      Not really
                      If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face...forever


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                        Looks great to me.

                        "it aint nothin' but a jam"
                        -Jimi Hendrix 10-10-68


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                          I like Revs but that's not particularly high on my wish list. I'm sure it's a great instrument.
                          Originally Posted by Jimmy James

                          Dmn23 is the douche around here.

                          Originally Posted by Uma Floresta

                          dmn23 has wisdom.

                          Originally Posted by surfsteve

                          dmn23 is a GREAT AMERICAN. WTF is wrong with you ********************************s ?

                          Originally Posted by Flogger59

                          You, sir, are a man of impeccable taste and discernment


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                            I kinda like them.

                            Originally Posted by jjpistols

                            Try telling anyone here that they aren't a genuine bluesman, many will argue and call you names. Trust me. Then they tear apart their cubicles and smash their smartphones and just cant get any blues done at all.

                            Originally Posted by Motorik

                            That's a negative, Ghostrider. Surf was not the lowering of standards, surf was the last point before standards got lowered. Surf exemplified the optimism and wholesomeness of American youth, before they got corrupted by longhair, dope, and the communist Beatles.


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                              I like it

                              ...the tone sounded like the back of my ass on taco tuesday.

                              Originally Posted by Flamencology

                              When life gives you lemons, disrespect them with tongs.

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