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ACHTUNG DJANGO: String anglemanship? More like string spaceship, amirite?!1!


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  • ACHTUNG DJANGO: String anglemanship? More like string spaceship, amirite?!1!

    Star Wars Millennium Falcon Guitar (One-of-a-Kind) - $1900 (Nashville)

    I made this one-of-a-kind Star Wars Millennium Falcon guitar in February 2012 and it quickly became a viral internet sensation. The YouTube video demonstrating the guitar has been viewed over 148,000 times. The guitar has been featured on many news broadcasts worldwide, as well as and countless internet sights. It has been described as the "holy grail" of geeky guitars. I made the guitar to sell and now you have the opportunity to own it. Please contact me through email if you are interested.

    Originally Posted by Jimmy James

    Dmn23 is the douche around here.

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    dmn23 has wisdom.

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    dmn23 is a GREAT AMERICAN. WTF is wrong with you ********************************s ?

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    You, sir, are a man of impeccable taste and discernment

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    That wouldn't be bad at all if you could talk him down to 1,500 cash.


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      If its really got all that media attention hes silly not to auction it off . In a bidding war he could
      get way more than what hes asking.
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      QUOTE=midnightlaundry Your ****************************, no help reply is exactly why I hate this board.
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      Watch out, there are some terribly bothersome trolls around here.