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  • Later GJ.

    You guys just aren't as much fun as the old crew. Sorry.

    I just can't be bothered trying to argue with people who think Boston is "**************** music." And the condescending nature of some responses.

    I'm finding myself somewhere between bored and frustrated. I can see myself becoming condescending and possibly even insulting towards these kinds of people, and I simply can't bear any unnecessary stress in my life. Since my condition (gastroparesis) is related to the most innervated part of my body, I can literally get physically ill from being upset.

    Got better things to do with my raising a daughter, making music, and getting my PhD.

    It was fun to poke my head in and see the few familiar, friendly faces that are left. I'm not impressed too much with the newer forumites I've encountered. No offense, just not my kinda crowd.

    For those of you who are interested in my camaraderie, or my music, you can follow me at the links in my sig. I'm not interested in recipes or connect four, so only follow me if you're interested in music.

    Peace, love and good happiness stuff.

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    c u l8tr bro


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      I don't blame you. This place use to be cool.
      Yer Blues wrote:I am from the Beavis and Butthead generation.


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        Dang and you were turning this place into a cool funhouse .
        HC GREAT WHITE OUT SURVIVOR 2012 , RIP those that didnt make it.
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        QUOTE=midnightlaundry Your ****************************, no help reply is exactly why I hate this board.
        Suspicion Breeds Confidence

        Originally Posted by Django Sentenza

        Watch out, there are some terribly bothersome trolls around here.


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          All these years later and still a massive drama queen. Toodles.


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            I don't blame you. This place use to be cool.

            Word. I did what I came to do. I got to interact with Oscar Jordan, Mike Walters, Plat Phive, Kerouac, Smurfco, Sonik, Motorik, Krashpad, Vikingrat, fanuvbrak, Silent Inferno, Jbird, Yabba, chainsaw fats, Yngtchie Blacksteen, and several others I'm probably forgetting. I missed all you guys, and it was good to chat with you briefly.

            Don't take this as some kind of drama, I just don't have time in life to get sucked into epic forum debates. I'm too much of a sucker for a good argument, and I let it get in the way of my life. That was my problem before, and I haven't really changed all that much.....just older, a little wiser, and a lot more broken down.

            Peace to you all


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              I have a mistrust GJ goodbyes.

              I can't blame you for not getting the attention that you sought.
              Mercury by day, Uranus by night.

              Originally Posted by Hamza Ashgari

              Saudi women... won't go to hell "because it's impossible to go there twice."


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                All these years later and still a massive drama queen. Toodles.

                Take it as you want. I should expect no less from you.

                Again, no drama, I never said I was here permanently. I just wanted to poke my head in.

                I enjoyed seeing a bunch of people I considered buddies, but I have problems with addictions....I'm no longer addicted to the devil weed, but I still have an addictive personality that will cause me to keep coming back to arguments on forums like this, wasting all my valuable time. I always end up feeling afterwards like I really could have gotten something good accomplished instead of arguing with people who will never see my side anyways, and who I don't even know.

                If you consider that drama, then by all means, consider me a drama queen.

                One thing though, this forum talked about me for years after I left. I've read the threads. I must have made some kind of impression.....I think it was equally good and bad, there were those who thought I was simply stupid, and those who thought I was very intelligent and "good people" as well as a great player. I had a neat time reading over all the stuff that was said about me in my 4 year hiatus, and that's what brought me back here.

                Peace HuskerDude....I'm glad I was able to live up to your expectations.


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                  Making a "goodbye" thread then not leaving. Definitely not something a drama queen would do.


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                    I have a mistrust GJ goodbyes.

                    I can't blame you for not getting the attention that you sought.

                    Getting attention has never been a problem for me. Search my name, you will find EPIC threads.

                    I've also gotten all the attention I could ever want playing my guitar in front of people. And even more so when my beautiful daughter comes over and gives daddy a kiss.

                    It's all about my own peace of mind. I enjoyed checking out GJ's just not the same thing it was when I was into it, and also I can't let myself slip into that mentality of having to have the last word to the point where I neglect my family and duties again. That's just stupid behavior. Better if I stay off forums, minimize my facebook use down to just my music page, and work on living what life I have left in me.....seeing as I'm very ill, and my disease could instantly kill me at any time without warning, I have to enjoy every minute on this planet that I can.


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                        Boston is **************** music.
                        I don't want to sell my music. I'd like to give it away because where I got it, you didn't have to pay for it.
                        -Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet)


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                          You may notice, I'm admitting my own flaws....and if GJ has changed, that's not something I'm going to cry over. It is what it is. If there are people who enjoy this atmosphere, more power to them, I'm glad there's a place for them to discuss recipes and connect four, even if that place is called GUITAR jam.

                          I'm trying think of something that's real drama, just so I can juxtapose what drama is, compared to a polite goodbye, maybe I'll come up with something.......maybe I'll dig up that Michael Angelo thread where he personally argued me, that was drama! I mean, they should make a show about that on TNT, because they know drama.


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                            What's going on here?


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                              Boston is THE ****************.