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Do you like this guitar and is it worth $450?


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  • Do you like this guitar and is it worth $450?

    1980 Gibson Sonex-180 Deluxe, (front), (headstock), (back), (electronics). Another one of Gibson's "innovative" models from the Norlin years. The Sonex, which came in 4 models (Deluxe, Standard, Custom and Artist) at various times during their 4-year run, featured a bolt-on neck, which was very unusual for Gibson. The main innovation from this guitar was the "Multi-Phonic" body, which consisted of a wood core (usually mahogany), with a man-made resin outer layer. In this fashion you still had the wood-wood contact in the neck pocket, but with a resin body that was inexpensive to make and more impervious to climate change. The Sonex was replaced by Marauder and S-1 models bolt-on models, although made of an all-wood body. The Deluxe model retailed for $419 when the line was discontinued in '84 after a 4-year run. Features include a pair of Gibson "Velvet Brick" humbuckers, maple neck with 22 medium frets, ABR-1 tuneomatic bridge, large pickguard (covers 3/4 of body face), rosewood fretboard, Grover tuners with metal Keystone buttons and "The Gibson Guitar Company" logo. Cosmetically this one is in typical condition for a Sonex with scratches and scrapes in the resin core as well as the typical cracks in the resin core (not a problem, just the nature of the beast). It has had a strap button relocated to the back near the neck plate. It has a very comfortable setup and a good quality tone from a pair of nice sounding humbuckers. A good value in an old USA guitar at $450.

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    Don't really have an opinion on it. Sorta cool, sorta not. Might be worth $450.

    Might be worth it just so you can tell people "Oh, and these pickups? They're VELVET BRICKS!"


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      No, and no.

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        Can't decide, and maybe (I have no idea). I don't love it, but not so sure I'd kick it out of bed either. Even if one doesn't like these plank-like Gibsons, they're great blunt instruments to wield against a zombie onslaught so in the right context I might prefer to have this guitar.


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          only because of the jimmy bower association.

          otherwise it's a pretty meh guitar


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            I had a Gibson Invader for a while and they're nearly identical:

            It wasn't a terrible guitar. Matter of fact it sounded good and played pretty well. I just hated the stock Kahler on mine. I'd probably pay $400 but no more than that.
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              I played around on a few Sonexes back in the day and they are kinda unique. I don't think that's a crazy price for one, but they are made of a very odd material.

              I used to have a '76 Gibson Marauder and I really dug that guitar. Wish I still had it.
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                No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
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                  Yes, but only because my HS music dept. had one that I used to play regularly, so it's a nostalgia thing.
                  Probably more like $400 even.
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                    Yes and I don't know.
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                      No and I don't know.


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                        Yes absolutely and I think so.
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                          no, no.
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                            I kind of like it,maybe
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                              I actually fell asleep looking at the picture....
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