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  • IMO Netflix Stinks

    I'm doing their 30 free trial and they don't have squat. The only thing I've gotten so far is I'm now up to speed on Breaking Bad. Maybe I'm not doing the search correctly, but when I enter an actors name I just get these crapy movies, old, I've seen many times. Is there a secret to this?
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    The secret is to not obsess so much about "big" movies and take advantage of a catalog that includes some terrific lesser known little gems, or get into the documentaries, or (as you've done with Breaking Bad) work your way through the TV series offerings.
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      Yes, if there is a series you always meant to watch but never got around to (in my case LOST), Netflix is a great way to watch it.
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        Gotta disagree... Netflix for a year costs about the same as basic cable for 1.5 months and there usually isn't **************** on basic cable.

        Tons of TV shows, tons of documentaries that aren't readily available elsewhere... Tons of lesser-known films...

        Of course, if you mostly want huge blockbusters and movies that still make lots of bank through rentals then sure... You might be disappointed. Otherwise there are thousands of great titles available.

        If you are adventuresome, try googling 'Netflix gems' or 'best on Netflix' or something to that affect.
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            If your looking for endless blockbusters & new releases, yeah, your gonna feel that way because then they would lose business if they gave it all up.

            I use netflix as well and while I agree its not "great", its certainly not bad either. Heres a trick - look for movies by the actor/director, its alot easier than scrolling through genres. You cant do it on your home theater setup, but you can from a PC.


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              Is netflix also known as the pirate bay? If so, never been anything i havent been able to find.


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                Its 8 bucks a month. If you can't find 2 movies or shows to watch per month then I guess its not worth it for you but I have no problem at all finding more than that to watch. If you have kids its great - theres lots of kids shows.

                Pirate Bay is a pita. I can't be bothered with that anymore...


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                  Pirate Bay is a pita. I can't be bothered with that anymore...

                  How come?


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                    They started offering Netflix here recently as well. I do not watch television nearly enough to warrant signing up. In fact, I doubt I would even be able to watch one episode of a program.
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                      How come?

                      My Internet provider has blocked access to Pirate Bay entirely. It's now being banned in lots of places
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                        How come?

                        Its fine if I just want to sit in front of the pc and watch something, but if I want to watch on the bigscreen I have to burn a disc which takes time. It also takes time to download torrents. It also requires more planning than just turning on the TV and browsing the lists on Netflix. A couple clicks of the buttons on my PS3 controller and I'm watching something. Not to mention the fact that torrent sites are all being pretty heavily monitored and so forth.


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                          Depends on what you like to watch.

                          Before I signed up, I did a "big list" of movies, docs, concert vids, & tv shows etc that I wanted to see; something like 70-80 titles.

                          Signed up for Netflix streaming & 1 disc. The number from my "want to see" list available on streaming: Six. Most of the rest were disc only.

                          I kept it for a few months after the trial period figuring that I would find some interesting stuff to stream. I did find a few but largely it was an ocean of absolute dreck. Don't miss it much.
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                            I tried it for a month, but I wasn't too impressed with the selection. It's great for watching old TV shows, but not much else. I cancelled after the 30 day trial was up.
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                              You can watch Troll 2 anytime you want on Netflix and play the Weebz Troll 2 Drinking Game (TM). That alone is worth 8 bucks a month.