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Who's funnier...Brits or Americans?


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  • Who's funnier...Brits or Americans?

    I must know...tell me
    I liked you better as your previous alt. Now you're just a giant walking vagina filled with sand and yeast.

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    The Irish.


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      Americans. By far.
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        Intentionally or unintentionally? I think Americans have a lock on the latter.
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          professional american comedians are way better...

          but i think the brits as a people are probably naturally funnier.
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            jeez.....i think it kinda depends on the situation.

            i mean.....John Cleese and company are pretty hard to beat.....but it's a completely different kind of funny compared to.....Mel Brooks (and company)
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              I don't know, but I've never round Ricky Gervais to be particularly funny.

              Thought that was worth mentioning.
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              what's that acronym you guys use all the time? something to do with hitting it in the butt. I always forget how it goes.


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                "Ha-ha" funny, or "" funny?

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                    The British tip the scales for me with their appreciation of the absurd.

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                      Saturday Night Live.



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                        Quote Originally Posted by ChaseA17
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                        Saturday Night Live.


                        Are you including the numerous notable Canadians who appeared on SNL? Ie: Norm MacDonald, Mike Meyers, Dan Akroyd, Martin Short etc.


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                          I have always preferred British (and Irish) comedy.
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                            I really like the style of humor that Ricky Gervais does but it's atypical of the tired **************** I grew up with watching Monty Python and Benny Hill. Americans are by far funnier to me, but I like dark, twisted, passive aggressive, racist humor ala Curb Your Enthusiasm or Louie.

                            I can't stand sitcoms with laugh tracks or Parks and Recreation.
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                              Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy James
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                              I can't stand sitcoms with laugh tracks

                              Stop the hate.
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