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Do you like this guitar and is it worth $350?


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  • Do you like this guitar and is it worth $350?

    1999 Godin Radiator, (front), (back), (headstock), (pickups ), (body/neck markings). Godin has always offered excellent quality guitars at remarkably reasonable prices, especially considering they're assembled in the USA from Canadian parts. Known primarily for their acoustic models, they also build some fine solidbodies such as this Radiator. It has some of the vibe of a 60's Italian-made guitar with the black pearl MOTS top. Click here for a review by and here for Ultimate Guitar where it received a 9.3 overall. Features include chambered Silver Leaf Maple body, rock maple neck with maple fretboard, flat 12" radius, shorter 24 3/4" scale, 24 medium jumbo frets, 1 11/16" nut width, Low-Noise Godin-Design single-coil pickups, Black Onyx finish. The single coil pickups sound very good and they're so quiet that I definitely thought they were mini-humbuckers, although the tone is somewhere between the fatness of a P90 and the clarity of a Tele. Set up on this guitar is fantastic, with low action and no fret out on bends anywhere on the neck. Cosmetically it has some minor dings on the back but overall it's in nice shape and with a new one running $599, it's a sweet deal on a proline guitar for $350. Includes well-padded gigbag.

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    Not gaudy enough.


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      Not gaudy enough.



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        I don't really like it, but it's probably worth $350.


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          I'm not that into sparkle, but the price seems reasonable.
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            Yes and no. Radiators go (or sometimes don't go) for $250 to $300 on eBay. I bought my Triumph (3-pickup version without the MOTO pickguard) for $300.

            That being said, they're great guitars. I have never, ever, played a Godin that was a dog, and I own three of them.
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                No, it is an aesthetic trainwreck.

                But I can't disagree with anything mattburnside said. Godins, even the low-rent models, are surprisingly nice guitars. If I had to start over with a slim budget, they'd be top of my list.
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                  I would like it if I was in a cruise ship lounge band. The price sounds cheap to me but MattB probably knows what he's talking about...

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                    No and yes.


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                      no, yes.
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                          "....the tone is somewhere between the fatness of a P90 and the clarity of a Tele."

                          That's a pretty broad range.
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                            Yes and maybe, if it's flawless and includes a case.
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