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New Alice in Chains IN HERE RIGHT NOW!

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  • New Alice in Chains IN HERE RIGHT NOW!

    throw it an upvote

    Cross posting this from the other forums because you deserve to see it asap too! I'll stop spamming now.

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    Main riff sounds like King's X.

    The rest is ok.
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      Sounds like their first album.


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        I can dig it.


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          I can dig it.


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            It should be called The Jerry Cantrell Band


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              sounds perty good...AIC is my favorite '120 bps or less' bands ..Jerry Cantrell gets about the best crunchie tones...


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                Sounds pretty good. It sounds like more the Dirt and after albums to me, not Facelift. Facelift was recorded pretty raw... from Dirt onward Jerry Cantrell seems to layer the guitars on thick. I thought the last album was pretty good, too.


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                    ha ha Greenlake at :28.
                    I liked you better as your previous alt. Now you're just a giant walking vagina filled with sand and yeast.


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                      More vocal 5ths but better hidden.


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                        I enjoyed that, look forward to the album
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                          oh boy, an instagram video zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

                          sounds good tho
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                            Quote Originally Posted by Mangum
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                            It should be called The Jerry Cantrell Band

                            well, it's always been pretty much the Jerry Cantrell band since he wrote most of the music AND the vocals

                            I like the new stuff, and the guitar sounds massive
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