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Site fookded up again?


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  • Site fookded up again?

    Keeps stalling while loading for me. Anyone else?
    Originally Posted by Jimmy James

    Dolls are almost always much larger than figurines and action figures and will often come with clothing that can be removed almost completely. They should also possess a certain amount of posability.

    Dolls will often have removable clothing, down to the figures "skin" and will possibly have other interchangeable outfits that can be purchased separately.

    Dolls may be smaller than 12 inches, but as long as they still have clothing that can be completely removed.

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    Been dreadful all day for me.
    Originally Posted by tiger roach

    NORWEGIAN motherf**ker DO YOU SPEAK IT?


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      SAME HERE! Uuuuggg
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        I thought it was the ghost of my old dial-up modem coming back to haunt me...


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          pretty much been like this every night for the last month or so
          "If I would have known I was gonna hafta play this song for the rest of my life.........
          I woulda wrote a better song "
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            This site is more ****************ed than a professional hooker.


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              If, like me, you're pissed about it, go send MF an email. Maybe if enough of us do that, they'll wake the hamsters up and get the wheel rolling again. Or maybe you'll just get satisfaction for having annoyed someone at Musician's friend


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                We should just come to grips with the fact that this is how HC is going to be from now on. If they were able or willing to do something about it, they would've by now. They're just going to keep neglecting it.