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WTH Is This "Accept As Solution" Box?


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  • WTH Is This "Accept As Solution" Box?

    Anyone know?  Looks very confusing, and kids might get confused.

    "Lets see, I need to try and glue the broken headstock of my shred

    machine.  What kind of glue would be good?"

    "Well, it says here that Elmers Craft Glue is good, but I dont know.

    WAIT, someone has checked Accept As Solution, so it must be true!"

    Harold Horatio Heckuba (Triple H)

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    Seems like that feature would be more relevant to technical support forums.

    Originally Posted by danuniversal

    Dr. Flamencology, please stop your insulting words.

    Originally Posted by lukeswall

    what's that acronym you guys use all the time? something to do with hitting it in the butt. I always forget how it goes.


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      I think the software is used for that on company sites, or so I have heard.

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    It was either "Accept as a solution" or "Accept as a surfactant."

    "We have given him the goat"
    -Mr. Alifi